laminated pieces of paper with pegs hot glue gunned to the top - for displaying work

Displaying student's work - laminated pieces of construction paper and hot glue clothes pins to display student work. This would be nice with scrapbook paper.

classroom timeline

Create a classroom timeline using pictures and events from the school year. In our case, timeline of the department and main events/occurrences that have happened tying it all together

maths working wall | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Working Wall that shows samples of all the work done throughout the unit. Great way to display student progress over a longer period of time. This type of board allows classroom occupants and visitors to appreciate the whole learning process.

This interactive bulletin board allows students to contribute book recommendations. Could have students focus their recommendations around a theme or topic too.

What a great interactive reading bulletin board! Students recommend books to one another. This would be great in a classroom, library, OR hallway!

An interactive bulletin board-sized KWL chart. Students can pin things whenever they get a chance. A nice self-assessment option, too.

Students can be interactive with each other as they place their notecards on the board of what they know, want to know, or have learned from the unit. This is a good way of assessing knowledge before starting a lesson, or before it. 750x 87 6f 20 876f20d42fe725f5673d1e7a7b31f76e.jpg 750x 87 6f 20 876f20d42fe725f5673d1e7a7b31f76e.jpg