Learn to read recipe book..for the role play home corner

restaurant = restaurante :) "recipe book" using environmental print.great for dramatic play kitchen.also could do "menus" based on the play food in your kitchen area and teach children to recreate the menu their friend chose.too fun!

Self service dough area: Salt (1cup/turn), flour (2cups/turns), water, colour, scent and utensils

Let children experiment and create their own play dough. Post recipe cards or let them discover. Self service dough area: Salt flour water, colour, scent and utensils

Play Dough Sweet Shop!

Play Dough Sweet Shop

The Imagination Tree: Play Dough Sweet Shop! Practice counting by buying and selling sweets created.

Invitation to play lavender play dough

Lavender Play Dough Wooden Tool Set

Lavender Scented Play Dough and Wooden Tool Set is a great activity for kids to explore creatively and imaginatively as they create freely using simple props in

wooden natural home corner

This dramatic play area is perfect for a reggio classroom. The table setting is all natural and made out of wood from the forrest.

Fairy lights in home corner

glorious spaces, twinkle lights and lamps. Twinkle lights add a layer of magic and wonder.

easy no cook play dough recipe

How to make no-cook play dough video tutorial

Best ever 4 minute no-cook play dough recipe! -Seriously the best playdough recipe I have ever made! 2 cups flour, 2 tablespoons veg oil, 2 tablespoons cream of tartar, cup boiling water (or more) cup salt, Food coloring