remember when every classroom had a pencil sharpener like this one?

remember when every classroom had a pencil sharpener like this one? I do remember! I also remember when our new house came with one attached in the basement where my mom's craft room is!

school glue

Vintage school glue bottle ~ the slit would open when you pressed down on the top.

Bazooka Bubble Gum

Simply the best of the few bubble gums available during m y youth.and only one cent for that mouthful of deliciousness! I loved the comic strip featuring "Bazooka Joe" and the fortune which was part of the wrapper.

A History of Cell Phones

Evolution of mobile phones. This is exactly why I changed from Apple to an android phone (HTC One X Plus) there is no movement on Apple and minimal evolution. I had an iPhone for the past 5 years and the phone stays the same. Year after year there are ver

Playschool windows - we used to guess which one it would be. Loved the factory 'how its made' ones best -1966

Playschool: The arched window, the square window, the round window.

W. Smith newspapers, magazines, stationery, 1979

Smith newspapers, magazines, stationery, re-creation of the WH Smith bags of the era.

cassettes - this was my favorite brand because they were so colorful!

I had those memorex tapes! Recording songs off the radio was an art! Hahaha :) "i used to spend hours recording songs off the radio. I still have a couple mixed tapes.

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Vintage Mini Clear Plastic Toy Animal Figure Kawaii Lot of 3 / Deer, Snoppy-Dog…