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wauw!! shark sock pattern by Lisa Grossman

Creative socks designed and made by Lisa Grossman look like two sharks. Knitted shark socks are biting your feet and trying to eat both of your legs. Eye-catching “Shark Bite Socks” are warm, comfortable, and soft.

Schoolgirl Art - needlework

Mackin-Art: Schoolgirl Art - Needlework at the Westtown School-Westtown Friends Boarding School was founded in 1799 by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends for the purpose of providing a “guarded education” for its children.

Folk art

As a folk art junkie, I’ve yet to dig into the Pennsylvania Dutch genre of illustration. Soak up calligraphy, birth certificates and lots of birds in this digital archive from the Franklin and Marshall College. [Via An Ambitious Project Collapsing]