Glasgow olt Photos .

Collection by Clarie Yvan

St. Nicholas School classroom, circa 1923.

St. Nicholas Classroom, circa 1923

Demonstration - Parade of Irish Solidarity campaign in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Detective Inspector G Johnston is attacked slashed by youth with razor.

TV documentary reveals how serial killer Fred West was chased from Glasgow by razor-wielding lynch mob

THUGS threatened to slaughter West after he abused 12-year-old sister of notorious gang leader.

Overcrowded: Bunks in the recess, a mattress on the floor, this photo shows a mother livin...

A bleak portrait of Dickensian poverty... from Glasgow's 1970 slums

In a world where microwaves, televisions and fast wi-fi connections are deemed basic household necessities, it is hard to believe these images of Glasgow slums are less than 50 years old.

‘In the Gorbals, the tradition of the “hard man” still lingers among the very young’

Observer picture archive: The Gorbals, 18 May 1968

Photographer David Newell-Smith travelled to Scotland to document life in the notorious area of Glasgow.