Having resigned from his top secret job, the man who will be known as 'Number Six' wakes up in a mysterious village, from which, he will find, there is no escape. Patrick McGoohan in the first episode of The Prisoner - Arrival.

The Prisoner

The Prisoner.scariest and most disturbing show when I was a child.still makes me uncomfortable.

Patrick McGoohan on the set of the Prisoner

Patrick McGoohan on location in Portmeirion for the filming of the first episode of The Prisoner, 'Arrival'.

"The Prisoner" Patrick McGoohan

The Prisoner - I am not a number, I'm a man! After resigning, a secret agent is abducted and taken to what looks like an idyllic village, but is really a bizarre prison. His warders demand information. He gives them nothing, but only tries to escape.

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The Prisoner TV show . Still the strangest, creepiest thing-- that big, white ball!

The Prisoner. Patrick McGoohan

An Amazing Village Designed Just For People With Dementia