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Faith: The Case For God (made by Einstein). Not sure if this is a true account, but it is darn entertaining!

At first, you are sad at the student having no answers. then you are rooting for the student. then, at the end, you learn the student was Einstein. Einstein was not the best example of a CHristian, so it alsmost numbs the victory.

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6 Amazing Prayers to Make Your Whole House a War Room ⋆ A Little R & R

6 Amazing Prayers to Make Your Whole House a War Room, great to print out and use in your prayer closer or war room or prayer journal.

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Uses Infographic List

New medical research also suggests that apple cider vinegar can help cure acid reflux, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes, and support weight loss. The benefits of apple cider vinegar come from its powerful healing compounds which include acetic acid,