Duncan Grant (1885-1978). Artist and designer. Member of Bloomsbury Group.

Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell paint doors, furniture, fireplaces, and this pulpit.


Sanderson at Charleston

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Virginia Woolf, Lytton Strachey, Letters, The Hogarth Press, 1956. Jacket by Vanessa Bell. #Bloomsbury

Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey - Letters. Leonard Woolf & James Strachey (Eds). The Hogarth Press with Chatto and Windus, London, First edition. Original dust jacket designed by Vanessa Bell.

painted wardrobe. Vanessa Bell's bedroom at Charleston Farmhouse

Vanessa Bell's bedroom at Charleston, with cupboard decorated by Vanessa Bell. On the left of the cupboard is a portrait of Vanessa Bell's daughter, Angelica, painted by her father Duncan Grant

Vanessa Bell Warner Textile Achieve

Vanessa Bell designed fabric for the Omega Workshops from about 1913 to Bell in a similar stripe with another Omega print.