Claudia Bain

Claudia Bain

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Claudia Bain
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DIY Cork Placemats

Customize plain IKEA AVSKILD cork placemats in minutes by adding a cute scalloped pattern with craft paint and a foam pouncer.

Boyoun Kim love the simple food illustration style

Another option that would used risograph printing that would be ideal for Birchbox would be making images of objects. I was thinking makeup items as this would really reflect what Birchbox is about in a funky design.

Set of Three Mango Cutting Boards

The only set of Cutting Boards you will ever need, this set of three boards is perfect for a new home or apartment—or even as a gift to you.

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A revered creative design studio specialising in Illustration, website design and branding. Ryn Frank is a renowned international Illustrator.