There are times when all you can say is “wow!” and that’s how Samantha Hahn’s illustration, particularly her insane watercolors, make me feel

Wabi-Sabi Tiles from a Dutch Fashion Designer

Blossoming Paul Klee

Blossoming by Paul Klee was published in This artwork gave me a trapped feeling with all the boxes. Some of them didn't have straight lines but bumps so they weren't a perfect square or rectangle. By Rouqueya Art

Dorothy Caldwell

Dorothy Caldwell Met Dorothy and saw her work at the Knitting & Stitching Show in London last week - inspirational!

Lena Nyadbi

'Gimmenbayn cave' by Australian aboriginal artist Lena Nyadbi Natural ochre and pigments on linen, 90 x 120 cm. via Niagara Galleries

John Belingheri

John Belingheri - this inspires a grouping of birch or other wood cut into disks, painted/stained, and then arranged.

Bauer brothers' color chart (before 1779)

* Bauer brothers colour chart (before Franz Bauer - and Ferdinand Bauer - are regarded as two of the best botanical artists that have ever lived