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a pizza with the words essential ingredients for a flamless test automaton
Essential Ingredients for Flawless Test Automation | ClicTest
Agile and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery methodologies have evolved in favor of delivering the software faster. Software test automation blends perfectly with these methodologies for accelerating the time to market. But achieving a flawless #testautomation is same as preparing a delicious dish where essential ingredients play a vital role in the success.
a man sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of him and gears above his head
ClicTest - Software Testing Simplified
To empower someone means to give them the means to achieve something. Our scriptless automation testing solution “ClicAutomate” empowers manual testers and domain experts to do automation testing without technical knowledge. Request a DEMO at
an hourglass with the words automated testing accelerates time to market
Automation Testing for Faster Time to Market
Depending on how fast you release the highest quality software into the market, your chances of being winner in this digital world is decided. Automation Testing empowers you to be a winner. #AutomationTesting
a blue cloud with the words giving wings to your test automated process to achieve faster time to market
ClicAutomate – a script-less automation testing tool, with its cloud based test automation approach gives wings to your automation testing process to achieve faster time to market. #scriptlesstestautomationtool
a watering can with water coming out of it and the words, how to start gardening?
Request a Demo
ClicAutomate is an Automation Testing tool fully packed with features to accelerate and empower Software Testing to keep up the pace with Agile and Continuous Delivery. Request a Free DEMO at
someone is typing on their laptop with the words test autonation trend in front of them
Test Automation is a key to Faster Time to Market and Improved Quality, so it has been having a dominant role in the Software Testing industry for the past few years. In the year 2018, Test Automation will continue its dominance and a lot of trends will further evolve around it. Read More at
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ClicAutomate - Script-less Automation Testing Tool
Automation testing speeds up software testing and adds benefits to it; script-less approach further speeds up and saves time, effort & cost on #automationtesting. Request a FREE DEMO. #ClicAutomate
two men in business suits with laptops and books, one is running away from the door
Scriptless Automation Testing is an approach that helps automating tests without coding; therefore, it bridges the gap between technical expertise and knowledge of domain or application under test (AUT). Manual Testers who have the knowledge of AUT, and Business Analysts or Subject Matter experts who have the domain knowledge can contribute actively in #AutomationTesting leveraging scriptless automation testing tools. To know more about scriptless #TestAutomation approach, request a FREE Demo a
a man is running on a track with the words circ automate enabled faster time to market through agile and continuous delivery practices
a man sitting on top of a stair with gears coming out of it
#ClicAutomate, a scriptless #AutomationTesting tool, will equip organizations with capabilities that they require to continuously fix bugs, add enhancements and release software faster with high quality. Request a Free DEMO at
a magnifying glass filled with lots of tools
When you’ve decided that you need a #TestAutomation practice to accelerate your #SoftwareTesting and get most out of it, the immediate next course of action should be finding the ideal tool. Please read the article that assists in choosing the right tool
In the #testautomation landscape, despite being vital #automationtesting tools are not able to deliver what they have to as there is scripting needed for automated tests; With its scriptless approach, #ClicAutomate accelerates your automation testing at
two people sitting at desks in front of an orange background with the words automatic testing is
#AutomationTesting and #ManualTesting both together contribute for improved software quality and faster time to market. With #ClicTest, you can leverage the benefits of both AutomationTesting and ManualTesting. Request a free DEMO at
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the benefits which automate testing offers are brought by cit