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ClicTest is a fast emerging product-enabled Independent Software Testing Services Company. ClicTest has a proven track record in helping enterprises of all…
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an egg with the words test analtica tool for operational excellence on it next to a monitor
Independent Software Testing Services | ClicQA
ClicScience is one of its kind tool that brings analytical intelligence into Software Testing to achieve more than operational cost reduction and project timelines.
a magnifying glass with the words insightful defect tracking tool
ClicBug - Powerful Bug Tracking Tool |ClicTest
ClicBug is a Defect Tracking Tool which allows testers to integrate with any test management tool to generate comprehensive and insightful bug reports. To know more visit
a black background with the words product tool for cross - browser compabily
ClicBrowse - Cross Browser Testing Tool |ClicTest
ClicBrowse an automated cross browser testing tool to test your website compatibility across browsers and browser versions on different platforms and resolutions. To know more visit
an image of a computer screen with the caption api testing simified on it
ClicAPI - API Testing Tool |ClicTest
ClicAPI, ensures the conformance of business rules at the API level before your GUI testing and quickly validate the transactions. Threshold for API testing can be minimized with ClicAPI wizard driven approach in creating SOAP and REST scenarios. To know more visit
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About Us | ClicTest
ClicTest is a Superior Alternative to Legacy Software Testing Tools We optimize the utilization of the testing tools, resources and techniques to increase the speed and accuracy of the testing processes.
customer experience testing an excellent way to retain and entic customers
ClicTest - Software Testing Simplified
Customer Experience Testing is The Real Key to Digital Business Success. Digital firms must give paramount importance to Customer Experience Testing, because this will be a continual and endless journey to boost sales.
the words perform end - to - end software testing on cloud to improve operational efficiency
NextGen Software Testing Solutions | ClicQA
ClicTest is a one stop testing solution for implementing End-to-End Web Application testing while covering the aspects like Functional, Performance and Security. ClicTest End-to-End suite compliments entire STLC, right from Requirement Gathering to Reporting Bug.
the diagram shows how to use cloud computing for testing and testimoting with other people
Predictive Analytics in Software Testing help Reduce Operational Risks & Make Proactive Decisions | ClicTest
Download free white paper of Predictive Analytics in Software Testing help businesses reduce operational risks and make proactive decisions.
an advertisement for software testing with hands on laptops and other items surrounding the image
About Us | ClicTest
Predictive Analytics: Mitigate Risks and improve Software Testing Efficiency.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a smart phone and tablet
About Us | ClicTest
Significant Tips to improve your Web Application Performance.
a person holding up a tablet with icons on it and the words product independent software testing company
ClicTest is one of the fastest growing Product-Enabled Independent Software Testing Company.
a hand holding a magnifying glass with text on it and icons above the words testing early in sdlc
Importance of Testing in Software Development Life Cycle
Testing should be thoroughly planned and conducted throughout the SDLC for best results which ultimately help in keeping the cost of bug fixing very low.
a computer screen with a suitcase on it
Meaningful ways to improve your Online Shopping Cart System | ClicTest
Meaningful Ways to Improve Your Online Shopping Cart System. To make your e-Commerce website profitable and improve online conversion rate, each website owner should make sure that the online shopping cart is easy to use, has good cart efficiency, design and usability. Article Source:
the changing face of software testing is shown in this graphic above it's four stages
ClicTest automated testing solution is built on well-designed proprietary framework through effective tools and leveraging the latest technologies that make sure it meets the companies testing objectives within their budget
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Product-Enabled Independent Software Testing Services Company.