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Test automation is said to be the use of software/tool to manage the execution of tests, the comparison of real results to anticipated results, the setting up…
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Test execution in ClicTest is 10 times faster than the manual test execution.
Scriptless Test Automation
ClicTest Scriptless Test Automation Brings Down Automated Test Creation Time to Minutes Compared To Coded. #ClicTest #ClicAutomate
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Tips on How to Get Most Out of Automation Testing? | ClicTest
Test Automation, an unavoidable thing for organizations to release software faster with high quality. Organizations need a few tips that help them on the journey of implementing test automation and making it successful.
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Scriptless Automation Testing Tools - ClicAutomate | ClicTest
ClicAutomate is a script-less test automation tool. It supports agile testing with the ability to handle ever-evolving changes in requirements, test cases and application UI. To know more visit
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Scriptless Automation Testing Tools - ClicAutomate | ClicTest
ClicTest works as a highly convenient Functional Testing Tool for Web Applications. ClicTest's Web Application Functional Testing Solution enable testing teams to identify the functionality challenges at the earliest in SDLC.
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The Importance of Software Test Automation - Test automation is a crucial solution required to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing and to focus on predetermined quality.
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QlikTest is an extremely fast, reliable, automated software testing solution for web applications, mobile apps, enterprise applications and software products. For more details visit or drop us an email to
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QlikTest is the one stop #solution which helps to mitigate tedious #softwaretesting process and increases business value.
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Software testing services has become a mainstream activity in SDLC which is playing a vital role in product release.
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Organizations can improve software application quality in short time through QlikTest software test automation solution.
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High Performance Companies use High Performance Software Testing Tools. How about your Organization?