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Automation Testing Is Instrumental In Improving Software Quality | Along With Manual Testers
Automation Testing done by manual testers can become instrumental in improving the software quality. Read More at
two laptops side by side with the words test c version control and case version comparison
Version Control and Version Comparison for Better Insights on Changes To Your Test Case
Maintaining versions of a test case with an effective version control mechanism can give insights on all the changes that a test case undergoes for all releases of a software.
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ClicAutomate - Script-less Approach for Automation Test Case Creation
ClicAutomate Script-less Approach for Automation Test Case Creation. Learn how ClicAutomate enables creation of automation test case without technical knowledge
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Predictive Analytics in Software Testing help make Right Decisions at Right Time.
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uTest - The Professional Network for Testers
Why businesses should approach an Independent Software Testing Vendor? Read an insightful article published in uTest.
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Importance of Shift-Left Testing - DZone
Importance of Shift-Left Testing. Why incorporating testing earlier and earlier in the development process is beneficial to improving software quality
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Read ClicTest latest article featured in Smart Tech Today. Why Testing is Important for e-Commerce Applications?
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Importance of e-Commerce Web Application Testing
Today, e-Commerce is one of those industries that are growing very fast. It is driving people to move from traditional way of purchasing products to online stores/e-Commerce applications to purchase preferred products anytime from anywhere.
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uTest - The Professional Network for Testers
In every phase of software development there will be some sort of testing methodology followed by every organization to test its products. This methodology will somehow lead to some kind of distraction between the developing team and the testing team.
a hand holding a magnifying glass over a computer screen with the words independent software testing company
ClicTest is the Emerging Technology of the Year in Testing
Independent Software Testing vendors engage a pool of talented testers who have deeper expertise in the relevant project, identify right tools for the project and adheres to deadlines.
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How Cross-Browser testing helps in reaching more customers (5 min read) | EuroSTAR Huddle
How Cross-Browser testing helps in reaching more customers. Read our latest article featured on TEST Huddle written by Mr. Pavan Kumar, VP Technology at ClicTest.
a group of people standing next to each other with the words how cross browser testing helps in reaching more customers
Cross-browser testing: Identify web application function in various web browsers | ClicTest
Cross-Browser Testing: Identify Web Application Function in Various Web Browsers.
a man standing next to gears with the words automated testing challenges for manual testers
Automation Testing Challenges for Manual Testers
With ever-growing importance of Automation Testing, companies are increasingly looking forward to adapt it. To learn more about test automation challenges visit
an magnifying glass with the word agile on it and a city in the background
Agile Adoption - Is Agile QA Good for Testing? | EuroSTAR Huddle
Adoption Of Agile – Is It Good For Testing? The growing need for quicker and adaptive solutions to technology related problems is pushing software firms to adopt the agile methodology.
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The Club
Companies need to apply predictive analytics on Software testing to identify failure points in testing activities at the earliest. Predictive analytics is a data driven technology which can help businesses in making proactive decisions rather than reactive decisions.