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a hand holding a banana in front of a yellow and black background with white dots
Compassion Crew - Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art
Compassion Crew - Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art, by Simon Landrein "Last summer I did this music video for Compassion crew. 6 minutes in a train meeting good people. I hope you will enjoy as much as I had fun doing it." via #weloveufunk
two people on a motorbike in front of a movie poster for an upcoming film
Phantom Limb
Short film, poetry and fine lines via @geoffreydorne
a kitchen filled with lots of pots and pans
Experimental animation meets pottery
A film by Jim Le Fevre, Mike Paterson and Roops and Al Johnstone (RAMP ceramics), commissioned by the Crafts Council. Jim Le Fevre is one of the makers featured in the Crafts Council touring exhibition Real to Reel: film as material in making. Real to Reel presents makers’ films which are artworks in their own right / create contemporary incarnations of the zoetrope, a traditional method for creating animation dating back to the 1830s.
a person holding a piece of wood in front of the camera with one hand on top of it
A short stop-motion study on wood. I wanted to play with the shape and consistence of wood and bring it to life. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Mike Zonneveld (hands), Lux&Co (lighting), Fablab Amsterdam (lasercutting), (sound fx), Chop Wood (music); by #AndreMaat
a painting of a field with houses in the distance and a person walking by it
Van Gogh Shadow :: Luca Agnani
#VanGogh animated. Interested, poetic and inspiring! via #VincentAchile
a chair sitting on top of a pile of fire in the middle of a dark room
NZI 'The Devil's Chair'
Vous voulez du n'importe quoi ?! ->NZI 'The Devil's Chair' via #Motionographer
the silhouette of a person standing in front of an image of colorful lights and fireworks
Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue" [Official Video]
Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue" [Official Video] via #TheCreatorsProjects
a small boat sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean water and foam
Gulp. The world's largest stop-motion animation set, shot on a Nokia N8. (good ad ! but surely less impressive than Redbull ...) For the whole reportage, see
a blue toy car is parked in front of a small model house with cars on the floor
Google Fiber
Introducing Google Fiber: The Next Chapter of the Internet by 1stAveMachine. Director: Ben Steiger Levine
a kite flying in the air over a city
Olympic Vermin
Olympic Vermin by Leo Bridle. The alternative Olympic torch relay taking place in London this week.
an image of a drawing of a machine with words written in chinese and english on it
Introducing Google Input Tools
Introducing Google Input Tools
a person laying on the ground with their head down and text that reads, i don't think to make things
I LIKE TO MAKE THINGS by Nathan Boey. Nathan Boey Demo Reel
a neon sign that says we see what we want
Aubrey Rd.
via @Omer Pesquer