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a piece of paper with some writing on it
Place Marcel Achard. Paris 19ème. 29 septembre 2012. - @sylviafredriksson- #webstagram
an old photo of a spiral staircase going up the side of a building
Marcel Breuer - East fire stair at the UNESCO Secretariat, Paris 1953.
a man standing next to a white statue talking on a cell phone while holding a smart phone
Le blog de la famille Storcka
À l'écoute !
an image of a building that looks like it is made out of wood and bamboo
Simón Vélez, architect and pioneer in the contemporary use of bamboo as an essential building component. He invented a new method to build foundations and roofs, which transformed one of the world’s oldest building materials, namely bamboo, into a modern resource. via @architectura
a large white dome structure sitting on top of a cement field next to a building
Auch, nouveau centre pour les arts vivants (CIRCA)
the room is made out of sticks and wood
Château La Coste, l'ivresse de l'art
La « Oak Room » (2009), Andy Goldsworthy
a man standing in the middle of a lake surrounded by cave walls and hanging formations
Wonders of the underworld: Explorer captures ‘cave cathedrals’ in all their ancient glory
Pang Mapha: John Spies explores the ancient caves of Tham Lod in Pang Mapha, Thailand via @Charmaine Zoe
a staircase leading up to a chandelier in a building
L'escalier de la BnF toujours gravement menacé – La Tribune de l'Art
L'escalier de la BnF toujours gravement menacé - La Tribune de l'Art
the inside out map shows where to go and what to see in this area, with pictures
Les musées en 2012: trois tendances sous les projecteurs
Inside-Out Franklin, Detroit Institut of Arts via Réseau de veille et de tourisme
a person's hand on top of a piece of paper with an arrow pointing to it
I went to MoMA and...
I went to MoMA and... by Poke New York via @Sophie TAN
a red building with the words wtpp? what the phonics mean
WTPh? - What the Phonics
WTPh? (What the Phonics) is an interactive installation set in the touristic areas of Copenhagen. Street names in Denmark are close to impossible for foreigners to pronounce, so we did a little intervention :-)Project by:Andrew Spitz - Miyazaki - more info, check out Music: - Jaco Montague Album - Fly On Track - Lambent
a man standing in front of a machine
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La Suisse, la Suède et Singapour sont en tête du classement de l'indice mondial de l'innovation 2012
a yellow wall with a poem written on it and a window in the corner that says, it is not true that nice guys finish fast
from : "Marketing durable : les innovations inspirantes"
a large metal object in front of a tall building with a sky scraper on top
Frank Gehry Spain: Peix Hotel d'Arts Barcelona - e-architect
Designed By Frank Gehry via @ArshdeepKaur
an old building covered in vines and windows
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Nature is a fantastic designer. via @Jasmine