// DIY Paintbrush Ideas for Kids using Household Items

DIY Paintbrushes for Kids

You can inspire creativity with your kids with these fun DIY paintbrushes using a variety of household items and some clothespins!

Create your own animal. Fun website for the kids. After they create their animal, they could write about it. Another idea, they could do descriptive writing and then have a partner try to figure out which animal is there prior to seeing the pic of the animal.

Create Your Own Animal

Create your own animal.Great to use with science adaptations lesson.Have kids create their own animal, then write a story about where it lives, what it eats, predators etc. It's fun, plus they have to really do some thinking!

Homemade paint brushes -- try them out, then invent others! #homeschool

16 Homemade Paint Brushes

Art for Kids: 16 Homemade Paint Brushes for that would be fun to DIY with children . Love her ideas!

paint with anything BUT a brush. January 8th - paint. This is actually from nurture store!

Kids painting: no paintbrushes allowed! paint station

Ideas for painting without brush - Step away from the paint brushes! This month's Kids Art Explorers project says no paint brushes allowed.

Let's Label, Write, and Draw About...Insects. Could use this format for any non fiction writing

Let's Label, Write, and Draw About...Insects

Old MacDonald’s Farm Tuff Spot |

Old MacDonald's Farm Tuff Spot

It is our fortnightly and today's nursery rhyme is "Old MacDonald Had A Farm". We couldn't resist creating an Old MacDonald's Farm Tuff Spot.

Learn + Play = Pre K: Farms

Milking a cow at the water table! Remember this for next year's Unit Learn + Play = Pre K: It's Farm Week in Preschool!

Make Your Own Paintbrushes for Kids! Click for tutorial and to read about the importance of playing with textures in early childhood

DIY Paintbrushes for Kids

Fun and easy DIY paintbrushes that get kids creating! Use with different "textures" of paint for even more possibilities. These are fun for every day painting or would make a great activity for a kids art themed party.

Compare the weight of the animals. EYFS

Students understand the attributes of weight and compare objects according to these attributes.

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