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Creative STAR Learning / I'm a teacher get me outside here blog link.

Creative STAR Learning | I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!

Creative STAR Learning Company works behind the scenes supporting and developing outdoor learning and play at a national, local and school level

Tomsensori Blog


This is a blog for early childhood teachers looking for ways to expand and enrich play and learning in and around their sand and water tables with easy-to-make, low-cost apparatus. It may also be of interest for anyone who appreciates children's messy play.

Welcome | Mary Myatt Learning |

Mary Myatt Learning - learning, leadership and the curriculum

Mary Myatt is an education adviser, writer and speaker. She trained as an RE teacher and has worked as a local authority adviser and inspector. She engages with pupils, teachers and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum.

abc does

abc does has moved to has moved to a new home at

Teacher Tom Blog

Teacher Tom

Teaching and learning from preschoolers.

Oliver Quinlan Blog

Oliver Quinlan - Learning, Digital, Education

Learning, Digital, Education

Rethinking Childhood Blog

Rethinking Childhood

Website for Tim Gill: researcher, writer, consultant

The Learning Spy Blog

Deliberately difficult - why it's better to make learning harder

The most fundamental goals of education are long-term goals. As teachers and educators, we want targeted knowledge and skills to be acquired in a way that makes them durable and flexible. More specifically, we want a student’s educational experience to produce a mental representation of the knowledge or skill in question that fosters long-term access