Loved these!

Vintage Wooly Willy Dapper Dan the Magnetic Man Toy. I played this for hours on long car trips.

Click clacks...these were the originals...banned in 1985

Clackers: Banned Toy Museum - TOP 10 Banned Toys -- Yup, had these, knocked myself a few good ones in the process of learning to use them.

KENNER: 1962 Give-A-Show Projector I had one of these and I'd watch cartoons on my bedroom wall when I should have been sleeping!

KENNER: 1962 Give-A-Show Projector. I have never received a more exciting toy before or after this one.

Plastic Farm Animals

Plastic Farm Animals - loved my farm, many happy hours spent playing


Featuring soft, chunky blocks that are fun to feel and easy for small hands to hold, this colorful building set includes 68 assorted pieces that fit together every which way and make for tons of crazy creations.


CRYSTALITE PETS~I bought a set of these for my grandmother at Santa, s secret shop at school