Hand Embroidered Face "the wrong side" Postcard by Louise Jones

Hand Embroidered Face "the wrong side" Postcard by Louise Jones Love the "wrong side" look--the messiness, the wiring, the fraying

String art from Wabi Sabi Scandinavia Design, Art, and DIY. Pinned in response to the Mark Stern article. By helping students realize that humans are interdependent on one another, we can foster a sense of our interconnectedness as humans and move beyond our narcissistic tendencies.

Pamela Campagna e Thomas Scheiderbauer fios e unhas retratos. / Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer thread and nail portraits.

Maria Wigley - 'This is my letter to you'

The beginning, middle or end of communication? Interesting characters theme (letters/characters) 'This is my letter to you' by Maria Wigley .

Juana Gomez - Embroidery

Juana Gomez - Embroidery layering of the body. self realization through layering.

Wonderful art made freehand with a sewing machine by the amazing Birgitte Busk

art quilt made by Birgitte Busk www.dk Detail of portrait of Sara cm). Freehand thread painting done on a plain. sewing machine without programming or computer control .

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