The perfect egg custard tarts by Paul Hollywood

Egg custard tarts

Egg Custard Tarts Recipe by Paul Hollywood. The slightly nutty short-crust pastry makes the perfect crumbly case for a rich egg custard topped with nutmeg.

Adventures in Cooking: Salted Rose & Honey Pie

Salted Rose & Honey Pie

Adventures in Cooking: Salted Rose & Honey Pie :: this might be the recipe that gets me to try rose water

Cakelets and Doilies: Strawberry Cloud Cake :: This is making me excited for the Great British Bake-Off!

Strawberry Cloud Cake: light & airy strawberry cake with strawberry whipped cream

Paul Hollywood's scones recipe from the Great British Bake Off

Paul Hollywood's scones

Paul Hollywood's simple scones recipe, from episode two of the Great British Bake Off, will give you soft and fluffy scones for your afternoon tea. Serve with lots of jam and clotted cream

Angel Food Cake without the tin. From

Great British Bake Off 2013 – Angel Food Cake

The Ultimate Chocolate Roulade

The Ultimate Chocolate Roulade. This recipe is taken from: Baking Bible by Mary Berry. Ingredients: plain chocolate, such as Bourneville caster sugar 6 large eggs, separated 2 tbsp cocoa powder, sifted. The filling is whipped cream

Looking for a crowd-pleasing gluten-free cake? Try this moist passionfruit and coconut version

Gluten-free passion fruit and coconut cake


The light crunchy cookie is prefect on warmer days with a glass of lemonade. They also become perfect gifts for Christmas when dipped in chocolate.


This chocolate cake (Sachertorte ) is said to be invented in Vienna by the chef Franz Sacher in