Jayne Proudlove

Jayne Proudlove

North Wales / Love the great outdoors, the beauty of the seasons, making jewellery, felting, being in my garden, painting and generally being creative
Jayne Proudlove
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Blue Grey   Mocha   Brown warm tones Colours that inspire creativity { Beautiful Colour Palettes } fabmood.com

Lagom may be taking over the hygge craze, but both together feel right for us: everything in moderation, with cosy times ahead Co. and the Cocoa Tree Café ‘Lagom’: The Scandi trend taking over ‘Hygge’ in 2017

Painted in separate layers, each coat is washed, or rubbed back to create a time worn patina If you can't get enough of...

Colorways: Vintage Chest in Hues of Louis Blue color solidly painted, in this case Napoleonic Blue. The rest of the colors are used in varying amounts, with Louis Blue being dominant.

Retro Wood Grain Flannel Antiskid Rug

Great reputation fashion retailer with large selection of womens & mens fashion clothes, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, accessories selling at a cheap price.

#自制宠物窝#@啊蓝lan 萌喵!一下子就想起你家宝贝了~本来原作想用保鲜膜裹毯子做填充物,一层层刷白胶贴报纸的,后来发现不好拿出来,就把底部拆了重新密封个厚纸板,这样底部更流畅也不易摇晃。做好了还可以装饰一下,刷漆贴布片等等,最重要的还是先确定宠物的大小撒~不由想起流行过的湿毡猫窝了。

I don't read asian anything but can figure out from the pix how to do this adorable kitty hidy hole [ aka cat cave]

The Cat Ball Handmade Hideaway Cat Bed. Must figure this out, with fabrics that match my bedroom.

Gorgeous cat cave for shy beasties - The Cat Ball Handmade Hideaway Cat Bed