How to make edible trees

how to make edible trees

Clever, creative way to make trees for cakes/desserts/gingerbread house decor. Dip ice cream cone OR grape branches in chocolate, then dip into green colored rice krispies. Hang to dry by using floral wire

Master this easy fondant recipe in less than 15 minutes, using only 4 ingredients. One secret ingredient makes all the difference!

Easy Fondant Recipe - On Craftsy!

You'll have to open to see! Enjoy a FREE tutorial for how to make a gender reveal cakes and how to make a fun sweets inspired gender reveal cake!

How to make PERFECT FONDANT for decorating: ingredients needed are powdered sugar, original Crisco, marshmallows, and water.

One of many Marshmallow Fondant recipes. How to make perfect Fondant for decorating: Homemade fondant using ingredients from my pantry?

{Party favors} Gruffalo decorated cream eggs ! | That Cute Little Cake

Remember the animal decorated cream eggs I made for Easter ? Well as I was researching designs, I came across this one from Casa C.

Forestry Commission Gruffalo Trail at Wendover Woods

This week we've been reading The Shape of My Heart by Mark Sperring and Alys Patterson and we visited Wendover Woods to hunt for shapes in the great outdoors.

The Gruffalo Trail - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Gruffalo Trail

Four cousins took a stroll through the deep, dark wood. What happened when we went on the Gruffalo trail at Alice Holt Forest?