Cornelia Parker, one of my favourite instalations of all time. The first time I saw this I was in awe of how she managed to capture something so violent so brilliantly.

Cornelia Parker: Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, 1991 The visual cacophony that Parker creates in this mixed media installation is stunning; we particularly like her use of light and shadow to.

Cornelia Parker - Hanging Fire Suspected Arson

Multiples and repetition Cornelia Parker - Hanging Fire Suspected Arson

Cornelia Parker falling up

Cornelia Parker falling up.I spy with my little eye a very possible diy

There are only a few images that are not forced to provide meaning,... - but does it float

Scattered - Installation by Cornelia Parker

Something fragile that on mass reveals something else - Cornelia Parker, Sculpture, Installation

Cornelia Parker – Floating Installations | BizarreBeyondBelief

Floating Installations by Cornelia Parker

"Controller of the Universe", 2007

Damian Ortega, Controller of the Universe, 2007 - The Red List

cornelia parker - alter ego 2008

Last year when I was in London, I made the obligatory visit to the Tate Modern to see some art.

Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker

[Imperfection is Beauty]: Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Ann Parker (born 14 July Cheshire, UK) is an English sculptor and installation artist

Cornelia- subconscious of a monument 2001

Cornelia Parker Subconscious of a Monument 2001 Cornelia Parker is like the (insert awesome sports person you can identify with that always does great things, like scoring points or baskets and stuff) of installation art. via iheartmyart

Cold Dark Matter, by Cornelia Parker.

Cornelia Parker,Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View - Photo, David LeveneThe Whitworth Gallery — Manchester

Cornelia Parker photographed by Gautier Deblonde

Cornelia Parker with one of her suspended sculptures

Cornelia Parker   'Edge of England'

” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Process art refers to a movement during the in which the ends justifies whatever the means are. In other words, this movement em…

Cornelia Parker

Work from Cornelia Parker Beautiful and thoughtful installations. “I resurrect things that have been killed off… My work is all about the potential of materials – even when it looks like they’ve lost all possibilities.

cornelia parker steamroller photo and performance documentation

Cornelia ‘Thirty Pieces of Silver’ Una sorta di percorso