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Colette Brennan

Colette Brennan
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Interview: 16-Year-Old Artist Dimitra Milan Paints Her Wildest Dreams

Eduardo Dimitra Milan, Paint - watercolour I like how much detail these artworks hold. At first glance they look like realistic portraits, but every time you look again you find something new

Mask melds – Cosplay meets avatar meets concealed identity in an age of privacy concerns. From opera posters to MacDonalds ads, this trend is popping up everywhere.

Patternbank were drawn to these stunning photo collages by Swiss photographer and artist Marie Rime . In one of her latest projects Symètrie de Pouvoir', R

Robert Kushner artist

Robert Kushner artist -- like the size of the painting. Kushner uses ink, acrylic, metal leaf, metallic paint, and various other materials in his works.