Best Buttercream Frosting Recipe - I do a lot of cakes and cupcakes. This has the best flavor and stability!

Best Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Best Buttercream Frosting Recipe--Has a mixture of Butter flavored Crisco and unsalted butter along with heavy whipping cream. The shortening helps to stabilize the frosting.

Store Cupcake Liners in a DIY Apothecary Jar  Why didn't I think of this before?  Packages of these things are always getting lost in or falling out of the cabinet!

Store Cupcake Liners in a DIY Apothecary Jar. Glass candle stick, tall candle holder with straight sides, upside down glass bowl epoxy

Ateliê Alessandra Caldeira Modelagem em Biscuit

Amazing sweets, perfect for parties - Ateliê Alessandra Caldeira

Sprookjesboom cupcakes

Sprookjesboom cupcakes

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