Race to Fill the Cup! I'm going to try this with two and adding the numbers.

Race to Fill the Cup! Counting Game for Preschoolers

Race to Fill the Cup! Preschoolers roll a dice and count the number of objects to fill the cup. The first to fill the cup wins!

New class - welcoming :-)

Back to School Bash

Beginning of the school year art project!- photo only- could be hung in the hallway or make it your classroom door decoration

My favorite Play Dough Recipe! Essential oil play dough from thepinningmama.com

Essential Oil Play Dough

Your very own bob and bob from phonics play - choose the words/ purpose. The children can see the words/ post them in the bin mouths! Is it a real word or alien/silly word? I love the iwb bob and bob but I have a visually impaired child who needs to see bigger font nice and close.

Love this idea for adapting the IWB phonics play game; sorting real or nonsense words from the different phonic phases. This game could be used for indoor or outdoor play.

A Colander And Some Straws | 10 Fine Motor Activities For Toddlers

10 Fine Motor Activities For Toddlers - this post provides many examples of fine motor activities you can do at home with items that we often have around the house. Developing fine motor skills are important to helping children learn how to write.

Growing grass from seed, for small world play - by Rachel (",)

Growing grass from seed, for small world play. I love this, we could add news toys each week, as long as we can keep the grass alive anyway!

Creativity and fun with nature // all about me // nature walk // self expression // kindergarten // pre-k

Art & Science all in one: Make a self portrait with nature treasures. sturdy paper and tacky glue.- First grade! art with natural resources