Geometric pattern for tribal feel Andy Gilmore - // Geometric Art If only. I would LOVE a quilt exactly like this!

moscow museum / lava

Great activities from this pattern for people developmentally ages 5 and above. Moscow Design Museum by Lava. Introduction movie for the new Moscow Design Museum!

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Scott Fitzgerald book covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. // Stellar book cover design AND Fitzgerald?

by Andy Gilmore

Geometric Color Inspiration from Andy Gilmore - this would make me very happy as a quilt, crazy but happy

Identity for a music & sound design company called The Barbershop. Designed by Here Design.

MYKAELL TOP FAVE - stripy b - what looks alike belongs together/is a group/is seen as whole (red stripes) + association of shapes you know.

The A to Z of the high seas. Wooden Nautical Flags Box Set (of Inspiration for Christmas for my Dad.

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