Accent wall in bathroom or dining room! Love this wallpaper. Perfect for an accent wall, or a small powder room or closet. Would be a gorgeous woodland inspired guest room too.

Sanderson Woodland Ferns Fabric DAPGWO202 Designer Fabrics and Wallpapers by Sanderson, Harlequin, Morris, Osborne, Little And many more

“Woodland Ferns” comes from detailed botanical studies in pen and ink, arranged in a repeat composition of three different species of fern against a solid, single colour background. The delicate leaf structures have been intricately drawn and printed.

Sanderson Fabric - 'Woodland Chorus' (225511) A green woodpecker, a thrush, butterflies, and various woodland berries adorn the tree.The fabric is digitally printed to achieve the nuances of the artwork and the amount of natural colours and tones in the design.

Buy Sanderson Woodland Chorus Linen-Multi from the extensive range of Sanderson Woodland Walk Fabrics at Select Wallpaper.

Woodland Chorus Wallpaper by Sanderson | Jane Clayton

Sanderson Woodland Chorus 215703 Cream/Multi wallpaper from the Woodland Walk collection, priced per roll. This realistic depiction of our favourite British birds was inspired by an century painting of plants and animals

Sanderson "Woodland Walk" collection. Love this wallpaper. So. Much. Maybe for my sewing room...

Sanderson - Woodland Walk - Woodland Chorus (Available in 4 Colourways) Sandersons Woodland Walk Wallpaper - Woodland Chorus

It sounds uber fancy. But, really, it's not.  Although it is  pretty :)  Instead of getting a jump on the millions of chapters in my textboo...

Yellow Disc plate hangers that attach to the back of the plate. (Joanns/Hobby Lobby)--great for a gallery wall to display those lovely plates that never get used