four cards with different designs on them sitting on top of a table next to each other
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watercolour hearts printed into set of six cards by emmajo on Etsy #heart #mandala #love #friendship #limitededition #blankinside #emmajowebster #uplifting #joy #happiness #colourfull
an assortment of tea bags and tags are displayed on a white background with the words
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tea tags
a red and white candy wrapper sitting on top of a table
Every child in Scotland surely has a memory of their 1st tunnocks tea cake! the small chocolate dome which you bite through into soft white mallow and a soft biscuit base ......totally yummy! The packaging is incredibly iconic too.....bright yellow boxes holding the domes of red and silver foil which has a sort of starburst look to it . The packaging hasn't changed since I was a little girl- which these days is amazing!
a yellow post - it note pad with the words pantonee on it
I adore colour, it surrounds me! I love colour swatches for all sorts of things! As a child I used to covet the paint swatches at our local hardware store! The other day I was visiting a friend and she showed me a box of colour postcards by pantone ! I was almost overcome with jealousy! I needed to have them! as I was pouring over them lovingly - she said 'I did think of you when I got them!' -
an old black and white photo of a man's face in the middle of it
My name is Emma Jo Webster, I live in Glasgow Scotland and I am a trained tapestry weaver. I studied at Edinburgh College of Art where I recieved my BA Hons in tapestry weaving and painting. In my childhood I used to visit my grandparents a lot - my grandfather - Gordon Webster - was a well known stained glass artist. I LOVE colour and often wear lots of colour and my abstract tapestries 'sing' with colour - My portraits however are much subtler as they are really about the person in the portrait. This page is dedicated to my work and my inspirations. Please read on and enjoy. The picture is a detail of one of my favourite tapestry portraits I have made it is of my beloved aunt Kate who sadly is no longer with us and is part of a tryptich portrait commission.
green leaves are growing on the ground
Most people think that Nettles are weeds and at that an irritating one! - not so and I'll prove it to you! Nettles make me think of my chilhood .Annoying rashes getting in the way of playing outside. Trying to find Doc leaves to rub onto them to ease the pain...recently I found out many other uses apart from irritation! Nettles combined with other ingredients have been used over the centuries for many treatments including,hairloss, skinconditions, health and well being and the fibre is often woven or knitted into fabrics.