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an art work with multiple colors and fringes
Hands-on making activities for home school, from Early Years to Key Stage 5
Emma Jo Webster - Crafts Council
a close up of a dog on a piece of cloth with yarn in the background
A pet portrait of tallis a miniature daschund #handwoven #tapestry #portrait #petportrait
there is a poster on the wall in front of it
A landscape tapestry woven in wool- private commission - I was asked by my client to weave a favourite photograph - So that it wasn't just a copy of a photograph that I was asked to weave- I added longitude & latitude also formating the design in black & white - added secret star constellations of the family that can only be seen at night- Very romantic! Handwoven in Appletons wool & some glow in the dark thread for the constellations #handwoven, #tapestry, #landscape size 98 cm x 72cm
a close up of a piece of art made out of beads and yarn with words on it
gorgeous colour explosion with text! approx 5inces x 5 inches handwoven in cotton with a ting bit of lurex for some sparkle
an abstract painting with blue, red and black squares in the center on a blue background
domestic sized handwoven tapestry in wool cotton and linen
an image of some people sitting in a room with the words carpe dien on it
one of my first large tapestries 5ft x 7ft hand woven in wool 'Carpe Diem'
a painting of a woman with blue eyes
handwoven portrait April 2015 - cotton and linen
a painting of a white unicorn riding on top of a wooden structure in the middle of flowers and trees
top right hand part woven by me for west dean / historic scotland in 2002 - 1st tapestry in the series to be woven at stirling castle - now weaving on the last!
a portrait of a woman with yellow hair
hand woven in cotton
a close up of a painting of a person with long hair
hand woven in cotton - quite painterly!
two framed art pieces with different colored ribbons on the bottom and one in the middle
one of my favourite miniature tapestries really enjoyed making it and constructing it - made from the thrums of chromatic timelines...
a close up of a dog's face on a purple background with gold sequins
My first pet portrait! - meet Banjo!
a painting of a woman's face with yellow hair
Hand woven tapestry portrait from
a drawing of a woman with long hair
part of a trypitch of portraits
an image of blue and purple fabric
tiny little blue tapestry