Chott el Jerid, Tunisia

Salt Mausoleum at Chott el Jerid, Tozeur, Tunisia is the largest salt pan of the Sahara. At times, parts of the lake appear in various shades of white, green and purple.

Press-On Design: The Candy Room

Press-On Design: The Candy Room

The Candy Room - Wow! Here’s a really clever interior design for The Candy Room. It was designed and created by Melbourne-based studio, Red Design Group. I love the way that the actual store looks like some kind of giant drawing.

René Magritte - Le Blanc-Seing, 1965

Rene Magritte - Le Blanc Seing (The Blank Cheque), 1965 . I've often seen this in books of optical illusions but had no idea it was by Magritte.