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Inspired by MiloZ. I wanted to add functions to this one, and I did! The sub arms fold out, the back has an attachment to hold the minifig's gun as well. The entire thing is very posable and opens up to take out the fig easily.

Titanfall 2’s hit and run specialist, the Ronin | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog

There’s a lot to love about Titanfall but one of the best things is the design of the game’s mechs. And while we wait for expensive action figures to hit, we can pass the time with these awesome LEGO models built by Marius Herrmann.

Rn-04 Getreu II | An older tablescrap I've had sitting aroun… | Flickr

An older tablescrap I've had sitting around for 3 months that I never could be bothered to take photos of. :P Yea, it's a bit dusty, tried to get most of it off but some still showed up lol.

Progenitors Classification: Mid range Combat Armaments: (1) SMG-BP201 (1) SH-RCAS01F (1) AC-AM3001 (1) MS-VM4A02 (2) EMP-001BD The Progenitors were one of the first few organizations that utilized reFrame technology but have been lagging behind in recent years. Deciding to revitalize their reFrame division, they've designed the X03 Mosbach. It is essentially an overhauled version of the X01 Type B, offering overall performance upgrades and equipped with a whole new set of weapons. Wi...

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form1 | SH1n.081 My First LEGO MoC a Ninja inspired mech nam… | Flickr

My First LEGO MoC a Ninja inspired mech named after his main weapon the "kusarigama" (double Sickle with chains)