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Making space - Sensory workshops for adults with learning disabilities

S P A C E # 4 in the series of work created during the 'Making Space' project. The ‘Making Space’ project offers multi-sensory creative…

How Tablets are Helping Children with Autism and Learning Disabilities

give children with autism a voice we are trying to make sure 150 children get android tablets for there children that are non verbal or can not socialize or tell them what they want other than negative behavior we are trying to help another agency .

video - using the therapy ball for sensory activities

A therapy ball is such an important part of a sensory home program as well as a sensory tool in the classroom. Learn many ways to use a therapy ball!

Sensory Integration Activities for Children with Autism

PROPRIOCEPTION Have a child with Sensory Integration Issues? Need to provide Sensory Integration Therapy in your home? Here are my top four In Home Sensory Integration Equipment choices.

Simple sensory play. Can also be used to introduce colors.

hair gel + food coloring = great OT/sensory play (add in color and letter/sound recognition and spelling for older kids who still need the OT) Used this for my preschool class.they loved it.just make sure you tape them shut or they will pop them :)