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an old advertisement with a woman standing in front of a loud speaker and another woman sitting on the floor
ElectroVoice 30W or 30 Inch Monster Woofer
Old bass speakers by Electro-Voice
an open box with two speakers inside
Electro-Voice Xvls line array speaker
two black speakers sitting next to each other
The silky smooth sound of the Electrovoice ZX5 main speakers makes for effortless reinforcement of vocals, guitars, keyboards and other instruments with a transparently natural sound that is easy on the ears at any reasonable listening level. Keywords: Daniel Collins Green Bay Wisconsin Sound Engineer, Professional Show Production
an image of a black speaker with the word fv on it's side
EVID 2WAY TWIN3.5" WOF 150W BLK(PR PRICE by Electrovoice. $269.00. 2 way twin 3.5" woofer & .75" dome tweeter. 150W Back (PAIR). (Inv Code: W04)
an empty speaker is shown on a white background
Electro-Voice TX1152 Tour X 2-Way 15" PA Speaker Black by Electrovoice. Save 6 Off!. $749.00. The ElectroVoice TX1152 fits the bill when the low frequency extension of a 15-inch woofer is required, along with outstanding pattern control from the rotate-able, larger 60 x 40 degree horn. Utilizing the incredibly low distortion SMX2150 15-inch woofer, the TX1152 boasts specs normally associated with loudspeakers priced well over twice as much. The aesthetically unique Backbone grill...
two black and silver machines sitting next to each other on top of a tile floor
ElectroVoice Eliminators 1970s
a black speaker sitting on top of a white surface
MW12 - EAW: Eastern Acoustic Works
The MicroWedge MW12 is collaboration between original MicroWedge Series inventor Dave “Rat” Levine (owner of Rat Sound Systems, Inc.) and the EAW Engineerin ...
a black speaker with red stripes on the side and two speakers attached to it's sides
Anya - EAW: Eastern Acoustic Works
EAW: Eastern Acoustic Works | Anya Module 3-Way Full-Range Array module - EAW: Eastern Acoustic Works
a man standing in front of a large structure with speakers on it's roof
worlds biggest loudspeaker even if you whisper you can her it a mile away
an old fashioned television sitting on the floor
The venerable, though aesthetically displeasing Altec "Voice of the Theater" cabinet. In its defense, it was designed to hide behind a movie screen . . .