Biophilic Office Design

Learn more about the biophilic design hype in interior design with Conexus Studios! From open office space concepts to bright lit work areas and iconic green…
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Office Design Trend #4: Biophilic Design & Sustainability
Embrace modern biophilic design elements to craft collaborative, creative and fun office space that enables staff to work under optimal conditions. With sustainability at the top of mind, build a healthier work environment by using eco-friendly materials and green office decor. #biophilicinteriordesignoffice #sustainabilityatwork #greenofficedesign
a couch sitting in front of a wall mounted planter with green plants on it
Biophilic Display at Korn Ferry's New Office
Create a tastefully decorated biophilic workplace to enhance productivity and employee wellness within the office. Check out Korn Ferry's new office interior fitted with biophilic walls that add a healthy dose of nature to the classy work environment. #officebiophilicwall #biophiliainteriordesignoffice #biophilicofficereception
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Biophilic Office | Korn Ferry
For Korn Ferry's new office, energy usage is a key consideration in the space planning, with natural lighting maximised and energy-saving measures implemented throughout the office. Greenery brightens the space to allow staff and guests to feel at home. #biophilicworkoffice #biophilicdesignwork #biophilicofficedesigngreenwalls
an office lobby with couches, tables and plants on the wall in front of tvs
Korn Ferry's Sustainable Workspace for the Future
The hybrid workplace design is also testament to Korn Ferry’s commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. By combining reused furniture from the previous office with new, eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features, the space is thoughtfully designed to minimize its environmental impact while fostering a healthy work environment for employees. #officebiophilicwall #biophiliainteriordesignoffice #biophilicofficereception
a living room filled with furniture next to a kitchen
Biophilic Elements in Korn Ferry's Singapore Office
The hybrid workplace design is also testament to Korn Ferry's commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. By combining reused furniture from the previous office with new, eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features, the space is thoughtfully designed to minimize its environmental impact while fostering a healthy work environment for employees. #biophilicofficedesign #biophiliaworkplaceinterior #biophilicdesignwork
an office lounge area with pool table and foo - pong tables in the background
Modern Biophilic Office Space | Sanofi
From the botanical accents to natural materials that invigorate the space, Sanofi's office design embraces the concept of biophilia, promoting a sense of calm, creativity, and well-being among employees. #modernbiophilicoffice #officebiophilicwall #biophiliainteriordesignoffice
Top: Discussion seating area in the biophilic office filled with natural lighting.
Bottom: Open-plan biophilic office with plants and natural finishes on furniture for an inviting and calm space. Headquarters Office Design, Life Science Projects, Open Plan Office, Collaboration Area, Biophilic Design, Office Layout
Biophilic Open Plan Office | Sartorius Singapore
Designed to seamlessly support its agile work culture, Sartorius Singapore's new workspace pays homage to the brand's rich heritage of innovation, leveraging the latest technology infrastructure and sustainable materials, effectively showcasing a welcoming atmosphere that seamlessly incorporates biophilic design principles. #biophilicdesign #biophilicinteriordesignoffice #modernbiophilicoffice #openplanofficelayout
Green biophilic brand wall designed in the shape of Singapore. Biophilic Office Design, Green Lobby, Biophilic Interior Design, Modern Arabic Interior, Biophilic Interior, Office Wall Design, Lobby Interior Design
Biophilic Office Design Green Walls | Ubisoft Singapore
Enter the new studio space of Ubisoft Singapore and be welcomed by the brand's beautiful biophilic wall, where vibrant greens lie against the textured white walls. Get an exclusive introduction to the design and learn how to incorporate the latest biophilic interior design trends into your own workspace! #biophilicofficereception #biophilicdesignwork #lobbyinteriordesign
Biophilic design in the interiors of Ubisoft's new office in Singapore Teachers Room, Modular Lounges
Modern Biophilic Work Office | Ubisoft Singapore
Step into Ubisoft's new biophilic office where greenery helps to boost the liveliness of the space and the wellbeing of staff. Thoughtfully designed by Conexus Studio, follow the link to learn more about the concept today! #biophilicworkspace #biophiliainteriodesignoffice
Biophilic green walls in the breakout room of The Polyolefin Company's new office location. Office Design Interior, Office Office
Modern Office Biophilic Wall | The Polyolefin Company
Energise the workspace with a modern biophilic office design interior, and add more greenery into the space for the well-being of your staff! See how Conexus Studio infuses biophilic design elements into the pantry and workspaces of The Polyolefin Company's new office! Read on to find out more. #biophilicworkspace #biophilicofficedesigngreenwalls
Top: Staff enjoying the view of the sea from WE Communications Singapore's new biophilic work office. Bottom: All-day bar in the office filled with biophilic elements like greenery and rounded edges. Singapore Nature, Cosy Cafe
Biophilic Interior Design | WE Communications Singapore
Taking inspiration from the location's waterfront view, Conexus Studio creates a new biophilic work space for WE Communications Singapore. Nature is found in the organic curves of the layout and inviting greenery dotting the space. Learn more about the modern biophilic office design and be inspired! #biophilicofficedesignconcept #biophilicinteriordesign
Staff seated at the sofas having a discussion in Sartorius Singapore's new biophilic office space. Biofilic Design, Director Office, Office Design Concepts, Cove Ceiling, Office Reception Design, Smart Interior Design
Biophilic Office Design Concept for Sartorius Singapore
Taking a biophilic approach to Sartorius' office design, the new workspace is brightly lit by natural light, with pockets of greenery and many open areas perfect for quick discussions. Tap in to learn more about these interior design elements that make a conducive and welcoming biophilic office! #biophilicofficelounge #officebiophilicdesign
Closeup on the biophilic interior design elements at Sartorius Singapore's new office space. Hanging green plants at the lounge areas with decorative neon signs on the wall. Regional, Breakout Area, Future Of Work
Biophilic Design Elements at Sartorius Singapore's New Office
Discover how biophilic design principles were incorporated into Sartorius Singapore's new regional office. Featuring flowing curves, natural finishes, and lush greenery, stakeholders are invited to connect and collaborate in the tastefully designed workspace. Find out more about Conexus Studio's design concept for Sartorius and be inspired today! #biophilicworkspace #modernbiophilicoffice
Keppel T&T Singapore Modern Office Design Modern Office Lobby, Modern Workplace, Wall Signage, Improve Indoor Air Quality, Office Reception
Singapore Office Interior Design | Keppel T&T | Modern Workplace
Modern Office Design | The interior design bolsters connection with the use of materials, finishes and furniture that create a vibrant and welcoming environment. An impactful signage wall at the entryway allows visitors to spot the office from afar, where fluid timber patterns are juxtaposed with greenery panels featuring moss designs in relief. Sustainability and comfort are key considerations in the design, with the use of materials that improve indoor air quality and acoustics.
Modern Office Interior Design Creative Office Design, Creative Office Space, Creative Workspace
Creating a Visionary Workspace: Evident's New APAC Office Design
Get inspired by the thoughtful workspace design of Evident's new APAC Headquarters. Through extensive conversations with stakeholders and ergonomic considerations, this 25,000 sq ft facility was transformed into a space that brings technology and people together to drive world-leading innovation. Learn more about crafting an effective office design today! #Branding #OfficeDesign #Innovation