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two pictures show the inside of an office with chairs, desks and projection screen
Collaboration Zones | Nium Office
Adopting a non-hierarchical approach, the open-plan layout allows all departments to work together efficiently within a collaborative ecosystem. Catering to diverse work preferences, Nium’s headquarters is also thoughtfully equipped with workstations in various configurations.
there are two pictures of the same room in this office, and one is empty
Nium's Fun Office Collaboration Area
Need some ideas for a modern office collaboration design that will impress? Check out Conexus Studio's innovative design for the open collab spaces at Nium's headquarters. Fun and colourful, this space is perfect for the energetic and active talents at Nium. #moderncollaborativeofficedesign #workplacecollabspace #officediscussionarea
an office meeting room with green walls and white table surrounded by orange chairs in front of a large window
Korn Ferry's Green Workspace Collaboration Zone
Open collaboration zones are enlivened with greenery to become agile work points that allow for easy sharing of resources and ideas. #modernofficediscussionarea #officediscussionpods #officediscussionroomideas
an office building with tables, chairs and couches in different stages of being designed
Foster Connection in Office Collaboration Areas | Korn Ferry
In Korn Ferry's new office, open collaboration zones and agile work points are aplenty, effectively decentralising power structures, thereby promoting communication. #modernofficecollaborationdesign #officecollabspaceidea #modernofficediscussionarea
the inside and outside of an office building
Upscale Workplace Collab Space | Sanofi
With plenty of modern office collaboration and discussion areas included in the design, Sanofi's new office creates an engaging workspace that celebrates Sanofi’s culture, empowering Sanofians to thrive, collaborate, and contribute. #collaborationspace #officecollaborationarea #workplacedesigncollaborativespace
the inside and outside of a conference room
Curating Productive & Functional Office Collaboration Zones | TPC Singapore
To encourage communication amongst staff, TPC Singapore's new office has areas such as breakout spaces and meeting rooms that are designed to offer flexibility while enabling efficient collaboration between teams. Follow Conexus Studio as we showcase more of our office designs! #collaborationareaworkplacedesign #workplacecollabspaceidea #officecollaborationarea
Collaboration zone with hotdesking area and other workstations Life Science Projects, Hot Desking
Office Collaboration & Hot Desking Zones | Sartorius Singapore
Sartorius Singapore's new modern office designed by Conexus Studio features clear sightlines and a flowing layout where co-working spaces sit side-by-side with flexible collaboration areas, facilitating easy discussions for a connected workday experience. #collaborationareaworkplacedesign #officecollabspace
Collaboration and pantry area in Ubisoft's new office in Singapore that is brightly lit with access to natural lighting. Office Pantry, Office Office, Collaboration Space
Ubisoft Office Collab Space | Modern Office Pantry | Discussion Area
Designed for the creative folks at Ubisoft Singapore, the modern office's creative discussion area is open and brightly-lit, allowing users to discuss, engage, relax and collaborate! Read on to learn about Conexus Studio's design for Ubisoft. #moderncollaborativeofficedesign #collabspaceidea
Top: Lockers and office collab space in Sartorius Singapore's modern new office. Middle: Professional meeting room used for collaboration and discussion of new ideas, fitted with multi-purpose presentation panel. Bottom: Various tables, seats and sofas for informal collaboration in the office where new ideas may be exchanged over a cup of coffee.
Modern Office Collaboration Areas in Sartorius Singapore
From multi-functional meeting rooms to casual collaboration areas for quick discussions, Conexus Studio teamed up with Sartorius Singapore to create workplace designs featuring collab spaces that emphasises on sleek usability. #workplacecollabspace #officecollaborationarea
Modern Office Interior Design Company Culture Wall, Team Space, Office Wall Graphics, Creative Office Design
Designing a World-Leading Office Space for Evident's APAC Headquarters | Modern Workplace Design
Get a closer look at the innovative design of Evident's Asia Pacific headquarters. With state-of-the-art technology and microscopy centres, the design was based on understanding Evident's company culture — from brand identity to workflows, technology needs and ergonomic requirements. Find out how office design supports innovation today! #behindthescience #innovativedesign
two women are sitting on benches in an office setting, one is using a laptop
Office Collaboration Space Design For TOP International Holdings Singapore - Conexus Studio
A key consideration for the design was to create a workspace that would be comfortable and functional, while at the same time minimising impact on the environment. The result is an airy and bright office that makes use of sustainable materials, while inspiring creativity and collaboration among employees. Check out the complete office design and build here for TOP International Holdings Singapore.
two people sitting at a bar in front of plants
Singapore Work Café and Pantry Area Design - Conexus Studio
The work café and pantry area were designed to be a comfortable space for both work and socialisation, with booths upholstered in cheerful colours to contrast against the warm timber tones, while still complementing the greenery in the space.
the interior of a modern office building with circular seating and colorful accents on the walls
Singapore Office Collaboration Space Design | Office Brainstorm Area - Conexus Studio
The office’s interior design is inspired by sporting arenas, with tiered stadium-seating in the incubator area to create an intimate and collaborative environment that can accommodate varying numbers of users. Singapore office collaboration space design
two pictures show people sitting at tables in an open area and on the other side of the room
Singapore Office Collaboration Space Design | Modern Workspace - Conexus Studio
To support its role as an ideas hub for innovation and collaboration, the office layout and furnishings carefully considered to create a variety of spaces that would inspire creativity and personal connections.
people are sitting in chairs and talking inside an office building with large windows on the ceiling
Singapore Office Space For Collaboration | Breakout Room Design - Conexus Studio
“It was a pleasure working with Conexus Studio on the Data Lab project. They were able to capture the essence and values of our company in an interior design that is dynamic and creates a positive work environment for our team. The design and build team was professional and responsive to our needs.” Meng Yew Lim, Decathlon Project Manager