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Explore exquisite office reception designs! Discover a world of design creativity for corporate reception areas and luxurious modern office lobbies. View classy reception lounge areas, modern waiting room concepts, and stay updated with the latest in office reception design trends for 2023. Elevate your workplace today with our expertly curated collection of lobby and reception interior design inspirations.
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two photos side by side, one shows people sitting in chairs and the other shows an office
Nium's Stunning Office Reception Area
The departure from conventional office norms is further exemplified with a large Nium logo replacing a dedicated reception desk. The entrance is strategically dimmer with a lowered ceiling, crafting a sense of anticipation as visitors step into the office. #modernreceptiondesign #luxuryofficedesign #fintechreception
an office lobby with a circular counter in the center
Spacious and Bright Office Reception for Sanofi
Sanofi recognises the importance of employee wellbeing, and the modern office design and reception captures the firm's philosophy of ‘All Well’ - healthy mix of work, life, and play that ensures the best possible work experience. #corporatereceptionarea #lobbyinteriordesign #lobbyofficeinteriordesign
an office with wood flooring and neon sign that says waaawa on the wall
Corporate Reception Area for WE Communication and WATATAWA Singapore
Post-pandemic, WE Communications Singapore and WATATAWA set out to reimagine the workplace, prioritizing hybrid work and agility to meet the ever-changing needs of their employees. #officereceptionareadesign #receptioncounterdesign #corporatereceptiondesign
Top: Beautiful and bright Sartorius Front-of-House. Middle: Breakout area for users of the space to collaborate, discuss and dine together. Bottom: Biophilic design for a lounge area with a vibrant neon signboard. Reception Lounge Design, Company Lobby, Life Science Projects, Collaboration Area
Company Lobby Interior Design | Sartorius Singapore
The centrepiece of the new office space is a vibrant reception area with a generous seaview lounge, designed to create an engaged community atmosphere that encourages social interaction. #officereceptionareadesign #workplacereceptioninteriordesign #receptionloungeareaoffice
Guests waiting at the reception lobby area at TPC Singapore's new office. Office Lounge Area Design, Office Lobby Reception, Company Reception, Office Lounge Design, Office Lounge Area, Reception Area Design
Lobby Interior | Office Reception Area Design | TPC
Surrounded by warm lights, organic curves and subtle touches of greenery, The Polyolefin Company's new corporate reception area is cozy and inviting, perfect for welcoming guests and visitors. Read to find out more about the design. #workplacereceptioninteriordesign #companyreceptiondesign #commercialinteriordesign
Office reception design for WE Communications' new workplace lobby. Company Reception Design, Reception Lounge Area, Corporate Lobby, Plush Lounge Chair
WE Communications Company Reception Design
Do you need to revamp the reception lounge area of your office? Why not take inspiration from WE Communication's new corporate lobby and reception area? Welcoming and well-lit, the plush lounge chairs elevate the look of the space, giving visitors the best impression of the company. Tap in to discover the design today. #corporatereceptiondesign #lobbyofficedesignmodern
Top: Sartorius Singapore employees enjoying the view near the new corporate reception area. Bottom: Classy interior design style for the office lobby kept brightly-lit and functional with floor-to-ceiling projector screens. Open Reception Design, Office Welcome Area, Work Cafe Design, Reception Design Office, Reception Area Office, Corporate Lounge, Reception Lobby Design
Bright Corporate Reception Design for Sartorius Singapore
Flooded in natural light with tasteful inclusions of Sartorius Singapore's warm yellow hue, the new regional office designed by Conexus Studios features an inviting reception area that welcomes visitors into the lobby. Along with the winning view from the windows, the interior design is focused on a distinct sense of openness for a relaxed atmosphere. #companyreception design #receptionloungeareaoffice
Keppel T&T Singapore Modern Office Design Biophilic Office, Modern Workplace, Open Space Office, Wall Signage, Improve Indoor Air Quality
Singapore Office Interior Design | Keppel T&T | Modern Workplace
Modern Office Design | The interior design bolsters connection with the use of materials, finishes and furniture that create a vibrant and welcoming environment. An impactful signage wall at the entryway allows visitors to spot the office from afar, where fluid timber patterns are juxtaposed with greenery panels featuring moss designs in relief. Sustainability and comfort are key considerations in the design, with the use of materials that improve indoor air quality and acoustics.
Modern Office Interior Design Futuristic Lobby, Futuristic Office, Creative Office Design, Corporate Values, Creative Office Space
Transforming Innovation with a Visionary Office Design: Evident Scientific's APAC Headquarters
Step inside the innovative and futuristic office space Evident created for their Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore. The 25,000 square feet facility combines hospitality, experiential, and collaboration areas to create an environment that brings staff and visitors together as one connected community. Explore how Evident achieved the right balance of style and substance through understanding their company culture -from brand identity to workflows, technology needs, and ergonomic requirements.
Behind the Scenes at JobStreet's Office Renovation | Office Design & Build - Conexus Studio
See how Conexus Studio transformed JobStreet’s office design to create an inspiring and comfortable environment that promotes productivity and encourages work-life balance! Take a look at this innovative office setup, featuring natural elements like a living wall and traditional Singaporean influences. Get inspired to bring vitality and personality to your workspace today! #WorkLifeBalance #OfficeDesign
the interior of a modern kitchen with marble floors and white counter tops, along with plants hanging from the ceiling
Modern Office Reception Design For Barry Callebaut's Hybrid Singapore Office
It’s a welcoming and engaging space that captures the essence of the company and the well-being of its employees, who are empowered to work better, more creatively and more sustainably. Modern office reception design
a woman walking through an office lobby with wood flooring and modern furniture in the background
Singapore Office Entry Design | Office Reception Design - Conexus Studio
Biophilic design principles have also been incorporated into the space, complementing the warm and woody elements introduced at the entrance, flowing throughout the pantry, and creating a comforting and welcoming mood. Singapore office entry design
the lobby is clean and ready for customers to use it as a waiting area in this modern building
Singapore Office Reception Design | Modern Office Design - Conexus Studio
Conexus Studio is an award-winning interior design practice providing a suite of bespoke services that fulfill all your design and build needs. We believe we’re only as good as the work we do. Hence, we invite you to view our projects, check out our design awards and hear from our clients.
the inside and outside of a restaurant with tables, chairs, and pictures on the walls
Singapore Modern Office Design | Singapore Contemporary Office Design - Conexus Studio
When Conexus Studio won the pitch to design and build the new Singapore operations centre for the biggest beverage brewer system makers in the United States, it was no surprise that coffee was an inspiration. Singapore modern office design
two pictures show the interior and outside of an office building, one shows a man standing in front of his desk
Singapore Modern Office Decor | Singapore Office Interior Design - Conexus Studio
Conexus Studio is an award-winning interior design practice providing a suite of bespoke services that fulfill all your design and build needs. We specialise in commercial interior design, which encompasses workplaces, public spaces and institutions. We believe we’re only as good as the work we do. Hence, we invite you to view our projects, check out our design awards and hear from our clients.