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three different views of an office with chairs and desks in the middle, one on the
Nium's Vibrant Office in Singapore
Like the slogan on their walls, “Simply Better Together”, Nium's office design is a call to action, inspiring movement, collaboration, and a common goal among the team members. #Singaporeofficedesign #modernofficessingapore #singaporeworkplace
two photos side by side one shows a hallway and the other shows an office with pink walls
Korn Ferry's New Contemporary Office in Singapore
The new Singapore office for the global talent and organisational consulting firm is an invitation to its employees to return to a redefined work environment that breaks down traditional barriers of hierarchy, while driving open conversation and collaboration. #workspacedesignsingapore #singaporecorporateofficeinterior #singaporeofficebuilding
two pictures of people sitting at tables in an office
Corporate Office Interior Inspiration Singapore | Sanofi
An oversized Sanofi logo is proudly displayed against the stunning Singapore skyline, where a unique mural featuring the local Merlion icon helps to create a strong sense of community in Sanofi's new modern office in Singapore. #workspacedesignsingapore #singaporecommercialofficeinterior #singaporecorporateinterior
two pictures of an office with desks, chairs and bookshelves in it
The Polyolefin Company's Impressive New Office in Singapore
Conexus designs The Polyolefin Company's new office with furniture and materials that include vibrant colours, natural textures and finishes. With thoughtful acoustic treatments, the design reduces noise distraction and allows employees to work comfortably while feeling motivated. #workspacedesignsingapore #singaporecommercialofficeinterior #singaporecorporateofficeinterior
an office with wooden cabinets and blue accents on the countertop, along with a white wall mounted microwave
User-centric Work Environment | TPC Singapore Office Design
The new office design has been carefully crafted to provide an inspiring atmosphere that encourages creativity and employee engagement for the workforce powering TPC Singapore. Check out more of Conexus Studio's Singapore office designs to gain inspiration! #workspacedesignsingapore #uniqueofficesingaporedesign #contemporaryofficesingapore
four different views of an office with desks and chairs in the middle, two men working on computers at their desks
Sartorius Singapore Tech-Enabled Office
In Sartorius Singapore's new office, a variety of work setting options are aided by smart technologies. This provides a comfortable working environment, from desk-based and lighting sensors for occupancy planning to sustainable energy management and others. Let Conexus inspire you with game-changing office designs today! #uniqueofficesingaporedesign #contemporaryofficesingapore #multi-functionalworkplace
The view of Singapore Flyer from TPC's contemporary office and multi-functional workplace. Clean Aesthetic
Singapore Corporate Office Interior | The Polyolefin Company
Conexus Studio's workspace design for The Polyolefin Company in Singapore stresses on abundant sunlight, natural finishes and a clean aesthetic that motivates the TPC family to excel in their duties every day. #companyofficedesignsingapore #singaporeofficedesign
Top: TPC employee walking towards facial recognition smart lockers in the office.
Bottom: Design of the workspace allows easy wayfinding and effective spatial compartmentalisation. Floor To Ceiling
Contemporary Workspace Design in Singapore | The Polyolefin Company
Conexus Studio designs a contemporary and multi-functional workplace for The Polyolfein Company's new office in Singapore. Featuring floor to ceiling windows and facial recognition smart lockers, the office is future-proofed with sleek design features that embraces natural lighting and efficient use of space. Find out more about the design in the link! #singaporecorporateofficeinterior #uniqueofficesingaporedesign
Top: Roomy breakout area and discussion zones at Sartorius Singapore's new office, with a open-plan design that makes full use of the breathtaking views. Bottom: Back of house design that maximises the building's layout to create a contemporary office for Singapore staff. Startup Office Interior Design, Staff Area Design Office, Corporate Office Design Workspaces, Office Entrance Design, Office Interior Design Modern Workspaces, Modern Office Space Design, Workplace Design Office, Startup Office Design
Unique Office Design for Sartorius Singapore's New Workspace
Taking corporate office design to the next level, Conexus Studio crafts a modern multi-functional workplace for Sartorius Singapore. Keeping to the company's branding, the new Singapore office is made to empower staff and inspire visitors. Learn more about the unique features that make this a standout design. #singaporecommercialofficeinterior #singaporecorporateofficeinterior
a man standing in front of a wooden wall with his hands out to the side
"Conexus did an incredible job" - Bordier + Conexus Studio
"Conexus did an incredible job" - Bordier + Conexus Studio
there are people sitting at desks in an office setting with computers on the tables
Open Plan Office Workspace For Decathlon Singapore Data Lab - Conexus Studio
The 7,922-square-foot office space comprises open-plan workspaces, an incubator area, meeting rooms and a cafe. Natural light enters the building from the glass-clad half of the building, where the front-of-house and “social core” are established.
an office with glass walls and colorful artwork on the front wall, along with two people sitting at a table
Singapore Modern Office Cubicle Design | Office Design - Conexus Studio
Natural light enters the building from the glass-clad half of the building, where the front-of-house and “social core” are established. Opposite this, the concrete-walled section of the building naturally lends itself to enclosed meeting rooms and focus-work areas.
the inside and outside view of an office building
Singapore Modern Office Design | Office Meeting Room Design - Conexus Studio
The new headquarters is a reflection of Barry Callebaut's dedication to sustainability, with a range of energy-efficient measures and materials that are natural, renewable and low-emitting, giving employees a sense of connection to nature, while also providing acoustical comfort. Singapore modern office design
two pictures show the inside of a conference room with chairs, tables and desks
Singapore Office Workspace Design | Open Plan Office | Meeting Room Design - Conexus Studio
The office space is designed to support the company's hybrid work model, with a variety of social, collaboration and focus work settings equipped with the latest in digital and smart technologies to support a connected and productive workforce.
an office with chairs, desks and computers on the same side by side in two different rooms
Office Workstation Design Inspiration | Open Plan Office Design - Conexus Studio
Enclosed private offices and smaller meeting rooms are built in glass along one length of the space, maintaining the expansive, open feel of the office. Office workstation design inspiration