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Driving Confidence Update: David's Journey One Year On
We catch up with David on his driving journey after a year of independence on the road since passing his driving test. We chat about: The importance of taking baby steps and gradually increasing your comfort zone when it comes to driving independently. Making your own choices Practicing patience and maintaining a calm mindset while behind the wheel.
Rewriting Your Driving Story: Overcoming Negative Associations and Fear of Failure
In this episode, Kev and Tracey responded to a listener request that delves into negative thoughts and fear of passing the driving test. We chat about: * Challenging Negative Thoughts: Remember, thoughts are not facts. * Focusing on the positive aspects of your driving * Not allowing worries to make you become scared of passing the test
Rounding up season 5
In this episode, Kev and Tracey round-up Season Five by reflecting on our main takeaways and favourite moments across the episodes. We chat about: * How driving anxiety can link back to different topics * Our expert and driving guests While listening to this episode, ask yourself: * Did you relate to any of our guests? * What was your main takeaway message across the season? * Was there anything you intended to try? And how have you got on with it?
Assessing Driving Abilities: Keeping older drivers safe on the road
We discuss the important topic of assessing driving abilities for individuals over 70 years old. We chat about: Assessing Driving Abilities at 70, not taking away licenses Recognising Age-Related Changes New Car Technology - how it can assist (but also confuse) While listening to this episode, ask yourself: How will you ensure that you remain safe on the road as you age? Have you considered your alternative plans for when you no longer drive?
Don't take a deep breath to calm driving anxiety
We talk about why they suggest ignoring the common advice to "take a deep breath" in moments of stress. We chat about: Why taking deep breaths can leave you feeling more stressed How to be more specific when talking about breathing Our regular suggestion for a calming breath While listening to this episode, ask yourself: Have you ever experienced the feeling of becoming more anxious or panicked after taking a deep breath?
Anxious Hormones: Exploring the links between hormones and driving anxiety with Kate Muir
We dive into the topic of how hormonal fluctuations can impact our coordination, concentration, and overall driving confidence with guest Kate Muir. We chat about: * The impact of hormones on anxiety, coordination, concentration and joint pain * Hormone fluctuations in men over the age of 50 * The possible link between perimenopause and mystery driving anxiety
Rewiring the brain: overcoming and understanding driving anxiety
We chat to Josh Fletcher to discuss driving anxiety, its causes, and how to overcome it. We chat about: * Safety behaviors and their contribution towards agoraphobic driving anxiety * Rewiring the brain and confronting anxiety without relying on safety behaviors * Understanding the cycle of anxiety and tolerating anxiety while carrying on with daily activities * Secondary anxiety in addition to the initial fear and its exacerbating factors
Driving Stress
In this episode, Kev and Tracey explore the topic of stress, what causes it and why we all experience it differently. We chat about: Stress means different things to different people Stress occurs when there is a gap between what someone needs to do and what they believe they are capable of We only feel stressed about the things we care about
Fear, Anxiety, and Panic: Unpacking the Emotions of Driving with guest Karla McLaren
We talk to Karla McLaren about the importance of identifying and understanding emotions and how this can improve driving skills. We chat about: How having a larger emotional vocabulary can help regulate emotions while driving The differences between fear, anxiety, and panic while driving Emotions can come in groups and it's important to listen to what they're trying to tell you Articulating your emotions helps your whole body understand that it's just an emotion and not a physical emergency
Overcoming Driving Test Anxiety with Drive School TV
We chat with Francis and Laura from Drive School TV about overcoming driving test nerves and anxiety. We chat about: Favourite tips for driving test nerves DVSA Ready to Pass campaign Driving Test examiners Positive mindset and self belief
Overcoming Parallel Parking Anxiety
In this episode, Kev and Tracey discuss the topic of parallel parking. We chat about: * Basic skills for parallel parking * The interlinked skills: control, observations, and accuracy * Various methods of parallel parking
Transforming Trauma: One Coach's Journey to Regaining Driving Independence
We talk to Omni Wren, a transformational coach who has overcome multiple car accidents, chronic pain, and PTSD-related panic attacks to regain her confidence on the road. We chat about: * Omni's experience of car accidents * Importance of not being ashamed of trauma or past experiences * Struggles with PTSD, panic attacks, and hallucinations related to driving and car accidents * Importance of finding strategies that work for individuals and working on overcoming fear through exposure therapy
Motorway Driving Tips
We answer a listeners questions about motorway driving. We chat about: * Driving at speed. * Joining the motorway. * Allowing others to join the motorway. * Coming off the motorway. While listening to this episode, ask yourself: * Which element of motorway driving makes you feel nervous? * Where can you practice driving at speed in your local area? * Where and when can you practice slip roads in your area?
Choosing which lane to drive in on the motorway
We share some recent driving experiences on the motorway. We chat about: A driver who sits in the middle lane at a low speed A driver who lane dances into every gap Our assumptions on their reasons Our advice on choosing which lane to drive in While listening to this episode, ask yourself: Did you relate to either of the drivers we described? How do you feel about changing lanes on the motorway? Would you benefit from a motorway refresher lesson?
The power of storytelling on your driving confidence
We talk about storytelling and the impact it can have on your driving confidence. We chat about: How storytelling can boost your confidence When storytelling can knock your confidence The different levels of storytelling While listening to this episode, ask yourself: Which do you talk about or think about more, the negatives or the positives? Do you relate to our guests or the drivers on Scarlett’s Driving School? Have you got a SatNav story that you would like to share?