Hammersmith Bridge. London 1900. I carried out an analysis of the paint on this bridge - http://patrickbaty.co.uk/?p=1705

A cyclist riding a penny farthing over Hammersmith Bridge, London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) London in the Victorian Era

At the entrance to the Oxford Arms

Victorian London: The Oxford Arms Inn which stood in a short lane leading out of the west side of Warwick Lane, where this photograph was taken from. The Inn was demolished in

150 years of the Peabody Estates - the Spitafields estate was the first... apparently!

Built in Spitalfields estate in Tower Hamlets was the first Peabody estate. It was designed to include space for local businesses too, as seen above

London Underground

semioticapocalypse: “ M. Londoners shelter from air raids in an underground station during World War II, 1940 [::SemAp FB

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