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Blend by on @DeviantArt

Blend by on @DeviantArt

The Priory and the Hidden Ones attack by on @DeviantArt

A nice big old battle piece for Mythos. These factions are the Priory and the Hidden ones, the first factions available, more to come when the Kic. The Priory and the Hidden Ones attack

Custos Crypta Concept page 1 by on @DeviantArt

Here's a quick look at the design process for the Costos Crypta monster for Mythos you can see n early sculpt of it at about on our Beast of War. Custos Crypta Concept page 1

Daffcon 2016 sketches by on @DeviantArt

-Commemoration of my first go at playing Mythos.

AUTOKILL by on @DeviantArt

A piece for Dice Mechanic Games, helluva a blast working on this I don't usually draw vehicles but chuck guns, chainsaws and rockets in and I'm gam.

Tiernan Lane by on @DeviantArt

Comisssion for Adrian Arkright.

Kickstarter by on @DeviantArt

See you at Salute Illustration for 'Mythos' Madness is coming!


Sanguinius was one of the Primarchs created by the immortal Emperor of Mankind. He founded the Blood Angels chapter Sanguinius

Rogal Dorn by slaine69 on deviantART

inquisitors-art-gallery: “ Rogal Dorn by “ artist’s caption Rogal Dorn was the Primarch of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter. He was one of the twenty Primarchs created by the Emperor.