Add a little weight on the bottom and these would be cute pencil holders for a young child's desk.

Bumble Bee Toddler Craft - Add a base and a weight and it could be a pencil holder.

Angry Birds Water balloon Game- What a a great idea! Playing some live Angry birds could be a great way to get the kids off the computer and outdoors for some fun.

Angry Birds Inspired Outdoor Game

Make Chalk Bombs- Fill eggs with liquid chalk and let kids crack and splat the eggs to make awesome sidewalk art. These are easy to make & kids will FLIP at getting to CRACK REAL EGGS and toss them freely at the pavement. Really neat art effects, too! (A great way to make use of egg shells after eating the eggs)

Sidewalk Egg Crack Painting

Learn How to Make Moon Dough #kids #summerfun

How to Make Moon Dough

Need an activity for a rainy day or sensory play? Check out How to make Moon Dough! The kids love it! Plus, it can be made gluten-free!

How to Make Slime Without Glue or Any Borax -- via

Make Slime Without Any Glue or Borax

Here's how to make green slime for St. Note: No leprechauns have been caught using this recipe, but it does make a nice holiday chemistry project for kids!

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Our ever favorite TP rolls have sent us to make another paper roll craft . This time we made Airplanes. This is a super easy and very kid friendly paper roll craft.

Things to Do With and Activities for 2 Year Olds

I have a 2 year old boy who I is currently at home with me all day so I have to think of lots of things to do and activities to keep him occupied. This articles gives a range of my 2 year old son's.