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Sleek and stylish record player by Crosley, a homeware staple for all music lovers. With three speed settings and a Bluetooth connection capability, the Ryder by Crosley is prepped to play all of your fave 7" , 10" and 12" vinyl, or for playing music from your phone. Includes an Aux input and RCA output for connecting your own speakers. Only at Urban Outfitters. *For detailed instructions and the full user manual, please click [here](https://assets.ctfassets.net/q602vtcuu3w3/17aRx373IDcT3FSEMUQd

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a light that is hanging from the ceiling
Unique Italian Pendant Lighting
Unique Pendants and Ceiling Lamps | Artemest
a wooden object sitting on top of a white table next to a wall with light coming through it
Athari – Functional Sculpture by Andrei Clontea STUDIO | ADORNO DESIGN
a glass table with a book and mirror on it next to a plant in a vase
Simmer Stone Polymorph Pattern Irregular Makeup Mirror Tabletop Vanity Mirror, White
The perfect addition to any living space for the minimalist look. 😍
two shiny metal plates sitting on top of a white countertop next to each other
Cocktail Coasters | Brass
Luxury Brass Drink Coasters | Designed in Melbourne, Australia
three candles sitting on top of a white block
SMUL Candle Holder, White Ceramic Vase
SMUL CANDLE HOLDER Ceramic sculptural candle holder This vase is made from with stoneware clay using hand building techniques. Natural textured clay and white glaze are used. DIMENSIONS : 16 x 27 cm MATERIALS : Stoneware Ceramic, White Glaze LEAD TIME : 3-4 weeks * Suitable up to 2.3 cm in diameter. Aysun Ay is an artist based in Istanbul. She works with stoneware clay bodies using hand building techniques. Having an architectural background, Aysun explores for the conceptual relations