Juicy Jerk Rum Ribs with BBQ Rum Sauce

How to cook jerk rum ribs- Roasted pork ribs marinaded in a tasty, full flavoured jerk rum seasoning and coated with a delicious home made BBQ rum sauce.

Malaysian beef and potato curry- slow cook recipe

How to cook Malaysian beef and potato curry-Tender braising steak and soft potato chunks marinaded in a coconut milk based curry.

NEW RECIPE: Homemade Jerk Ribs Cooked in Honey Roasted Bacon Blankets

Cooking tutorial on how to cook succulent pork ribs cooked in homemade jerk seasoning, rapped in honey roasted streaky bacon blankets Cooking Instructions: h.

Breakfast Recipe | Bacon & Veggie Omelette Wrap

How to cook an egg breakfast wrap - tasty bacon, spring onions, bell peppers and tomatoes stir fry wrapped in a delicious egg omelette.

Original Recipe | British Plantain Pancakes

How to cook british style plantain pancakes served with your favourite pancake toppings. Recipe video coming soon: Ghanaian Plantai.

Popular Recipe | KFC Style Fried Chicken

How to cook KFC style fried chicken! Fresh chicken coated in a tasty flour spice mix then deep fried until golden brown and crispy. Tastes like KFC chicken.

Quick Recipe | Crispy & Spicy Potato Wedges

How to cook crispy and spicy potato wedges-Freshly cut potato wedges dipped in a homemade spice mix bursting with flavour, then roasted until golden brown an.

West African Cuisine- Quick One pot recipe- TASTY JOLLOF RICE

How to cook Ghanaian jollof rice. Delicious popular West African dish consisting of a tasty tomato based sauce cooked with steamed rice, vegetables and curry.