Cooking With Bones

The magical new novel from Jess Richards, author of SNAKE ROPES, COOKING WITH BONES is a dark, lavish fairytale with sharp teeth, for fans of Angela Carter and Margaret Atwood.
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Picture of an Appalachia Man playing his Fiddle. Fiddle is a instrument used on appalachia music. It is very similar to a violin the main difference is the way that the musician plays it. It is a strong symbol of the appalachian music and culture.


Grandma's Kitchen by Niki Feijen on With a veeeery long shutter (it was pitch black in there) I still managed to make a photo of this fairytale kitchen


Notes: Broken mirrors for reflection, broken glass to shoot through. Use poses to highlight the broken aspect.

Gingerbread Recipe

Beatrix Potter's Recipe for Gingerbread