Holi festival wallpapers

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Holi paint powder! I really want to play :) kariejamison.com

This image managed to show me how the colours of the powders mix effortlessly. This helped me to realise that the colours could be used as a visual representation of the infusion of the different flavours in the teas.

This is a picture of colorful paint on a hand. I chose to pin this because the occipital lobe allows us to see colors.


India celebrates the arrival of spring by spraying COLOR. An Indian girl, her face smeared with colored powder, reacts as water is squirted on her during Holi celebrations in Chennai, India, on March (AP Photo/Arun Sankar K.

Rainbow smoke

Colored powder explosion Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Young what you look like after color me rad clouds of coloured paint holi festival of india

Eye-Popping Colors Captured at Utah's Holi

Eye-Popping Colors Captured at Utah's Holi

Eye-Popping Colors Captured at Utah's Holi - My Modern Metropolis


Today is Holi in Nepal-> The festival of Colors. This festival was celebrated by Hindus in ancient India. Happy Holi Everyone!