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Deliciously cooked organic stuffed porchetta has been rolled and tied by our expert butchery team. Covered in perfectly crispy crackling, placed on a shallow blue plate surrounded by tender stem broccoli and cherry tomatoes Ideas, Pork, Cooking, Stuffed Porchetta, Meat, Pork Loin, Crispy, Barbecue, Fennel
Organic Stuffed Porchetta
Our expert butchery team have rolled our slow-grown pork loin and pork belly together so you get a beautiful combination of two delicately flavoured cuts with this porchetta. Stuffed with a blend of fennel seeds, wild garlic, and apricots, our butchers diamond cut the meat as they roll ensuring you'll get an even cook. To finish, the joint is tied and the top is also diamond scored - sprinkle salt onto the porchetta before you put it in the oven to ensure your crackling comes out super crispy!
Cooked organic spatchcock chicken is beautifully marinated in herbs and spices and placed in a vibrant orange le creuset dish placed on top of a chopping board surrounded by seasonal vegetables and sauces Grilling, Chicken Recipes, Chicken, Spatchcock Chicken, Organic Chicken, Roast Chicken, Free Range Chickens, Roast
Organic Spatchcock Chicken
Our organic spatchcock chicken is a great way to enjoy all the flavours of roast chicken, just quite a lot more quickly. We've removed the backbone and opened the bird out – a process also called 'butterflying' – which makes it faster cooking and more versatile. You can roast, grill or barbecue your spatchcock chicken, getting all of the skin crispy and allowing for even cooking. It's a very simple but incredibly effective technique.
A birds eye shot of raw meat including beef burgers, beef sirloin steaks, ketchup, pork sausages, diced beef steak and chicken drumsticks Ketchup, Barbecue Recipes, Condiments, Organic Beef, Organic Meat
The Small Organic Barbecue Box
Fire up the grill with our curated selection of organic meat and essentials for your barbecue. Coombe Farm Organic have done all the hard work for you with our small organic barbecue box. For total ease, we have included a range of delicious organic meat as well as award-winning organic tomato ketchup.
A birds eye shot of raw organic burgers including beef burgers, chicken burgers, pork and rosemary burgers, lamb and mint burgers and retired dairy beef burgers all displayed on a over tray on a table Burger Box, Burger, Beef Burger, Food Ideas, Pork And Apple Burgers
The Organic Burger Box
Sometimes keeping things simple really is best and once you've tried a Coombe Farm Organic burger we think you'll agree. We like to make burgers that highlight the pure, natural flavours of our top-quality meat; that let the raw ingredients be the star of the show. Make barbecuing a doddle with The Organic Burger Box that has a flavour for everyone, from a more leaner chicken burger to classic beef plus our award-winning pork & rosemary burgers.
Birds eye shot of raw meat including chicken legs, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, beef burgers, chicken burgers, pork sausages, chicken sausages, diced beef steak, tomato ketchup and white bread rolls laid out on a blue and cream table cloth Foods, Large Bbq, Bbq, Dining Experiences
The Large Organic Barbecue Box
Get set to sizzle with an extensive selection of organic meat and essentials for your barbecue Coombe Farm Organic have done all the hard work for you with our curated barbecue box. For total ease, we have included a range of delicious organic meat as well as tasty extras for a complete alfresco dining experience. And best of all it's all organic.
Four cooked organic sweet chilli chicken drumsticks with crispy skin placed in a deep blue bowl on a white chopping board and blue tablecloth Picnics, Summer, Slow Cooker, Texture, Sweet Chilli Chicken, Chicken Drumsticks
Organic Sweet Chilli Chicken Drumsticks
The simplicity of chicken drumsticks have made them a summer staple for leisurely picnics, family barbecues and alfesco mid-week meals; taken from the top of the chicken's leg, our drumsticks are meaty and full of flavour. They're unctuous in both taste and texture. The sweet chilli marinade - created by our head-butcher using a blend of organic ingredients - offers a mouth-watering taste; the pleasant sweetness of honey, blended with the subtle heat of chilli.
Raw sirloin steak on the bone being held by a butcher in greaseproof paper Fresh, Steak Recipes, Sirloin Steaks, Steak Cuts, Sirloin, Steak
Organic Sirloin Steak on the Bone
Sirloin steak may well be the most pouplar steaks, with this one we've left the bone in. It's not an awkward bone, so it doesn't interfere with your pleasure while eating, but it does bring a lot to the succulence party. Cooking your steak with the bone in means you're getting a seam of connective tissue between the bone and the meat that will render down and add flavour while you cook. The bone will also stop the meat losing moisture, so it locks in juiciness. And we're all in favour of that.
Raw organic pork spare ribs placed on a roasting tray with greaseproof paper and tied herbs Pork Ribs, Muscles, Ribs, Pork Spare Ribs
Organic Pork Spare Ribs
Well known as a deep-south barbecue favourite or a sticky-fingered Chinese classic, organic spare ribs are a versatile cut packed with juicy flavour. Running from the shoulder of the carcass to the belly, pork ribs cut through lots of hard-working muscles and as a result have hearty and robust texture. At Coombe Farm Organic we supply our ribs in sheets, so you can decide if you want to cook them as a joint or chop them up into individual bones.
Cooked organic pork belly on the bone beautifully roasted and placed in a roasting tray with Bacon
Organic Pork Belly On The Bone
Organic pork belly on the bone is a roasting joint that you might not have cooked with before. Once you give it a go, though, we reckon you'll be converted. The mingled layers of fat and muscle make this a fairly frugal joint that rewards patient cooking with tenderness and bags of flavour. Leaving the bone in contributes even further to the heartiness of the taste and helps to lock succulence into the meat.
Cooked organic pork and rosemary burger placed on a burger bun with onion, tomato and lettuce accompaniments Delicious Burgers, Pepper, Delicious
Organic Pork and Rosemary Burgers
Made from the best cuts of free-range pork with just enough fat to ensure everything stays juicy. Our award-winning pork and rosemary burgers have all the tender bite and succulent depth of flavour you'd expect, rounded out by the subtle heat of rosemary. We don't add any nasties to enhance the flavour of our meat, just a pinch of rosemary, sprinkling of sea salt and a few grindings of black pepper to give you a gluten free burger with a difference.
Cooked organic pork and wild garlic sausages and placed in a hot dog bun and neatly stacked with lashings of mustard and coleslaw in the background Sausages, Pork Mince, Sausage, Wild Garlic, Seasonings
Organic Pork & Wild Garlic Sausages
Give suppertime something to sit up and take notice of with our organic pork and wild garlic sausages. The sweetness of our pork mince is complemented beautifully by the gentle hum of seasonal wild garlic and a touch of seasoning. We never use any thing artificial, preferring to let the quality of our slow-grown meat shine through.
Organic point end brisket is cooked to a pulled beef texture and laid out on a grill with tender steam broccoli and sweet potato fries Brioche, Brisket, Popular, Crusty Rolls, Fork
Organic Point-End Brisket
Point-end brisket is literally the ‘pointed end’ of the brisket cut which comes from the chest area of the cow. This is the main muscle that supports the weight of the animal as it stands and moves around, making it a hard-worked muscle with high-fat content. Cooked low and slow, the resulting meat is melt-in-the-mouth delicious and is easily shredded with a fork to serve in a crusty roll or brioche bun. Ever-popular with die-hard BBQ fans, point-end brisket is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.
Cooked organic pork boston butt presently beautifully on a white dinner plate showing the pulled pork and crispy skin, surrounded by corn on the cobs and seeded burger buns Colonial, Boston, England, Pulled Pork, Boston Butt
Organic Pork Boston Butt
Boston butt is the perfect joint to create juicy, oozing pulled pork. To get the fantastic pulled texture, you need a joint with delicious fat marbling throughout to keep it moist and tender while cooking.The story of the boston butt goes back to the colonial days, New England butchers took less prized cuts of pork, packed them into barrels known as butts and shipped them off. It may not have been a prized cut then, but we think it is pretty special and a true showstopper for your BBQ spread.
Four cooked organic lemon and black pepper chicken drumsticks on a deep blue plate surrounded by seasonal vegetables such as tender stem broccoli and cherry tomatoes Black Pepper Chicken, Chicken Legs
Organic Lemon & Black Pepper Chicken Drumsticks
Level up your barbecue with our zesty organic lemon and black pepper marinated drumsticks. The drumsticks from our slow-grown, free-range chickens are meaty and full of flavour - the ideal cut for those who prefer the taste of brown meat. Our butchers marinade by hand using a blend of ingredients from the organic pantry - the sharpness of lemon is perfectly balanced by the kick of black pepper and is sure to delight guests.
Organic free-range diced chicken breast in a spicy marinade over a hot grill on a big green egg barbecue Chicken Breasts, Diced Chicken, Chicken Breast, Sweet Sour Chicken, Chicken Korma, Lean
Organic Diced Chicken Breast
The perfect cut to keep stocked in the freezer, Coombe Farm Organic diced chicken cut from our chicken breasts is the ideal ingredient for quick weeknight suppers. Meticulously trimmed then diced by our expert butchers, this is a cut that requires no prep and cooks quickly and evenly. As well as being the ultimate in convenience, our diced chicken is lean. So as well as being delicious it's an ideal part of a balanced diet - if you ask us, that's a win-win.