I loved this!

Vintage Spirograph game 1968 No. 401 Canadian edition

Vintage Spirograph game 1968 No 401 Canadian by PourToujours - OMG I loved Spirograph when I was a kid - I spent hours and hours using it.

Nothing says "Home" like vintage Tupperware!

Instant Vintage Tupperware Set Collection

Retro CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER Got one for Christmas and interviewed everyone at the family get together!

Retro CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER - to tape songs off the radio! (When I was a radio DJ, I used to record my shows on one of these old tape recorders.

70s, jeans with patches

those patches were so groovy. I had a nice pair of grey bell bottoms that must have had 20 patches on them. Wore them to school and had people ask me if I had gotten happy with the glue. I guess they were overboard.

"Qunicy" - Jack Klugman as Dr. Quincy the Medical Examiner (forensic pathologist) for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. Quincy is assisted by his lab assistant, Sam Fujiyama (Robert Ito).


MUNCH BUNCH PENCIL TOPPER ORANGE - This came up in a search for something else, but how cool. I had this exact topper, I also had that pencil or one that looked very similar!

Bath perfume oil bubble bath beads. I miss these. Pier 1 Imports used to sell these back in the 90s. G;)

Do you remember bath beads? They were so pretty but they made the tub SO slippery.recently I looked everywhere for these but now they have bath bombs

1970's Munch Bunch Pencil Tops. Couldn't get enough of these!

Munch Bunch Pencil Tops Toppers My mom bought these for prizes at my bday party playing Bozo's Grand Prize Game!

1977: the Queen's Silver Jubilee was so much fun!

the Queen's Silver Jubilee. I had a dress with patch pockets embroidered with the queens jubilee