Play Learning Life spotted some gorgeous crate yachts (",)

Great for outdoor play in summer, for a pirate day, or summer theme Play Learning Life spotted some gorgeous crate yachts (",)

This seaside inspired reading area looks like one of the most relaxing places for children to read their favourite books! Decorated with twinkl posters!

A set of colourful book or reading area display posters, perfect for your reading area to help your children understand key vocabulary and concepts. Fantastic for use with our other reading area display resources.

FREE Pretend Play Set: Ice Cream Shoppe

Welcome to the Ice Cream Shoppe! This is a fun and interactive pretend play set that was suggested by Sofia, a reader of LCL! We have made quite a few pretend play sets now, and this one is definitely

Ice Cream Play (playdough, bead 'toppings', stick 'flakes etc) (",)

pretend ice cream stand - coloured and scented playdough, beads for sprinkles, cardboard cones, plus a few props (scoops, pretend money)

ice+cream+parlor.jpg (1123×1519)

My Sister's Suitcase: ice cream parlor play space - note felt food items, felt balls in salt shaker as sprinkles